Le Méridien Charlotte NCExplore the Thought Leadership Available at Specialty Fertilizer Global Summit 2017

Below you'll find an extraordinary lineup of sessions dedicated to the major business considerations of operating in the specialty and premium fertilizer market.

Not commercials -- this is thought leadership and networking you can take back to your organization for immediate benefit.

From new ways of thinking about nitrogen use to high-value crop outlooks and ideas on expanding your manufacturing capacity , this agenda uncovers all of the critical issues driving the growth of specialty fertilizer products.

We look forward to seeing you in Charlotte!


    8:00 AM  -  8:45 AM
    Continental Breakfast

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    8:45 AM  -  8:50 AM
    Introduction and Welcome
    8:50 AM  -  9:20 AM
    Macro Nutrient Outlook, Value Added Uptake

    How long will the pressure on macro-nutrient input prices persist?

    In this session you'll hear from Green Markets' head of research to understand the market forces in play across N, P, and K, and see an exclusive outlook for prices over the short, medium and long-term.

    PLUS — this session also uncovers the surprising findings from Green Markets' recent Value-Added Fertilizer survey of over 250 fertilizer retailers across the country. Find out how pervasive micro-nutrient enhanced and slow release product are in the key row-crop markets.

    9:20 AM  -  10:05 AM
    Rethinking What Sustainability Means in Fertilizer

    Farmers are the original conservationists. There is no doubt that a love and appreciation for land, soil and water comes with the job.

    But for far too long, choosing between profits and sustainability was mutually exclusive. Not anymore. Improvements in nutrient-use efficiency products, application technology and more mean that today's growers can have an eye on tomorrow and not worry about the bottom line at the same time.

    Companies like Verdesian Life Sciences are working hard to help growers outdo what they've always done through continuous improvement that is both sustainable and profitable on every acre.

    In this session you'll hear how Verdesian has made progress against their goal of sustainable and economically sound nutrition products, and how that business model functions in today's fertilizer market.

    10:00 AM  -  10:40 AM
    A New Mode of Action for Nitrogen Management

    A new product, with a new mode of action, has been developed by Actagro LLC, The patent-pending composition of their Proximus product is shown to enhance microbial storage of mineral nitrogen in the soil.

    As a result, nitrogen is stored in the living biomass. When the crop needs it, this nutrient pool is gradually released as the crop needs it maximizing uptake while minimizing leaching.

    This natural process, leads to better nitrogen management, and Proximus is claimed to be the only product that works in this way.

    In this session, we'll review the existing modes of action for modifying the nitrogen cycle with the goal of reducing losses. Join us to hear of the strengths and weaknesses of the various N management products and methods currently available, and take a look at the trends on the horizon.

    10:40 AM  -  11:05 AM
    Coffee Break Expo Hall
    11:05 AM  -  11:45 AM
    The Impact of Nitrogen Stabilizers

    The nitrogen fertilizer market is seeing a significant shift to split applications with a strong push towards late, in-season use. In fact, split applications are now utilized on as many as 40% of corn and wheat acres in the U.S.

    While this practice has been shown to reduce nitrate leaching into waterways, some research suggests that split applications of nitrogen could potentially have the opposite effect on greenhouse gas emissions, essentially trading one at the cost of the other. And with environmental impacts a growing concern, some States and local authorities are looking to ban certain applications and timings.

    Nitrogen stabilizers have been proven to reduce environmental impact and can easily be integrated into a farmer's existing nutrient management program. Using a proven stabilizer could reduce the need for unnecessary rules and regulations and even help States meet their nutrient reduction and management goals.

    In this session you'll hear about the state of the stabilizer market, how these products provide farmers with a proven ROI while helping to protect their freedom to operate. You'll also understand where the sector is headed over the next 3-5 years. It's an important topic for everyone in the nitrogen value chain.

    11:45 AM  -  12:25 PM
    Meeting the Demands of the Specialty Market: A Distributor's Perspective

    Innumerable specialty fertilizer products occupy the marketplace. They offer a variety of formulations, agronomic benefits, value propositions and price points.

    From a distributor's perspective, it's a lot to get your arms around! This session will provide unique insight into the "end of the value chain" of the dynamic specialty market.

    Join us to hear about current market trends, and the market perspective from one of the nation's leading manufacturers and distributors of specialty fertilizer products.

    12:25 PM  -  1:40 PM
    Networking Luncheon Expo Hall

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    1:40 PM  -  2:20 PM
    Humic Acid Market Overview and Outlook

    Humic acid products are gaining increased market attention as their use spreads (no pun intended).

    The primary benefits of humic products are fairly well-known in the broader fertilizer industry but there are more, less obvious advantages as well.

    This session provides clarity on a variety of important topics related to humic acid use in agriculture. In addition to a valuable humic market overview and outlook, we'll explore the concept of utilizing plant nutrition for disease suppression.

    Join us to see how using humic acids as a tool to increase nutrient uptake, especially potassium and calcium, can reduce or eliminate pesticide use and lower input costs.

    2:20 PM  -  2:50 PM
    Fulvic acid and Seaweed: Nature’s Perspective for a Growing Fertilizer Market

    Fulvic acid's value to agriculture has only recently been recognized. Via it’s dynamic cation exchange capacity, it facilitates nutrient transport and assimilation across plant cellular membranes.

    These traits, and others, make fulvic acid far superior to any existing nutrient delivery system and supplementation practices. It's being used to maximize fertilizer and soil amendment applications when applied as a mix, as well as foliar applications and even seed treatment.

    Seaweed also provides some unique agricultural benefits that are just being realized. It's an excellent source of growth regulators that positively affect plant growth and development. In tomatoes for example, it alters flowering and fruiting patterns. It's also useful for root dip and is ideal for new plantings.

    Use of fulvic acid and seaweed by themselves, or in combination, are excellent natural solutions and an expanding trend in agriculture. In this session you'll hear from BioFlora, the world’s largest producer of fulvic acid and an exclusive non-extracted seaweed. Join in to hear how these products are creating some eye-opening results, and see their potential to continue to open eyes and change minds.

    2:50 PM  -  3:30 PM
    The Market Outlook for High-Value Crops

    The prospects for specialty fertilizer product sales are inexorably linked to the economic well being of growers, especially those that target higher value, less commoditized crops. There's plenty of data (and everyone's got an opinion) on the high volume agri-products like corn and soy.

    But what's the outlook for the specialized crop categories? How are prices holding up in the higher margin, niche agri-markets, and what does the future hold?

    This session features thought leadership from a well-respected bank in the agricultural space, and delves into the economics of a variety of specialized crop categories. Join in to hear which crop areas have the best prospects going forward, as well as those that might be more challenged.

    If your operating in, or looking to create demand for inputs within specialized growing markets, this is a session you don't want to miss!

    3:30 PM  -  3:55 PM
    Coffee Break Expo Hall
    3:55 PM  -  4:25 PM
    Market Indicators for Manganese, Copper and Boron
    Manganese, boron and copper have known benefits, but for which crops, and in which geographies do these micronutrients make the most sense for a manufacturer to market?

    This presentation highlights soil test data indicators of known soil deficiencies of manganese, boron and copper in North America along with broad acre crops with known sensitivities to deficiencies.

    We'll discuss how this information is used to provide insight into market determination for these products. Join us for a review of product categories including naturally occurring elements, oxides, sulfates, chelates and combinations products that have been offered in the market. Find out if we are potentially reaching market saturation.

    4:25 PM  -  5:05 PM
    Scale-up Strategies for Commercialization

    Congratulations! You've achieved your goal of developing a great, new, innovative fertilizer product. NOW what in the world do you do??

    Throughout this session you'll uncover all the considerations, challenges and opportunities that fertilizer companies face as they bring a new product to market. From the common pitfalls to avoid to the proper steps for full commercialization, you'll get the full spectrum of factors to keep in mind.

    Along the way, we'll discuss strategies, cost/benefits, and practical, real-world applications to round out your knowledge base. Whether you're new to the market or a seasoned expert, this is insight that everyone can use to add value.

    5:05 PM  -  5:45 PM
    The Mission Behind a Cannabis Cultivation Company

    Whether or not you have a personal interest in the burgeoning medical and/or recreational cannabis industry, it portends a significant profit contributor to our industry over the next several years.

    And as with any new industry there are a myriad of challenges to navigate for the sake of reaching the known opportunities. In some instances though, the goal is not just the commercial success. In the case of Future Harvest Developments, the mission, vision, and personal experiences play a significant part in how they approach their role in this space.

    In this session, you'll hear a moving story of a successful businessman whose personal journey led him to drive the growth of a company for reasons that go far beyond the P&L. To look past preconceived notions and personal bias in pursuit of answers through research.

    The inspirational story of his relentless drive and determination in the face of suffocating adversity is an important life lesson for everyone in our industry, providing us with a very unique and qualified perspective on the new industry and the impact to society.

    5:45 PM  -  7:15 PM
    Networking Cocktail Reception

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