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We appreciate your support of the Summit as we strive to bring together leaders from across the industry to meet, network, and learn more about this critical fertilizer market segment.

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In 1954, K+S North America was established as the U.S. subsidiary of the German company K+S KALI GmbH. As part of the K+S Group, K+S North America shares the strength of the global enterprise with more than 14,000 employees and more than 4 billion dollars (U.S.) in annual revenues. Today, K+S is one of the world’s leading producers of potassium and magnesium fertilizers and salt products with more than 125 years of experience.

K+S North America distributes natural mineral fertilizers, industrial salts, ice-melt and health-care product ingredients to agricultural and manufacturing customers throughout the United States, Canada, Central America and the Caribbean.

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Eco Agro is a U.S.-based nutrient efficiency company dedicated to bringing technologies to farmers to help them be more productive. With a global network of customers, we are delivering innovative and quality products to the agricultural nutrient market, with focus on an economic, agronomic and responsible approach.   Our PENXCEL Technology platform is a launching pad for a full line of innovative new products for improving the efficiency of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers. It improves performance, blending and handling. Our fertilizer additive products, including N YIELD nitrogen stabilizer, N-BOUND™ nitrogen stabilizer and PHOS GAIN™ enhancer all utilize PENXCEL Technology. Our newest high concentration products are the NEON™ family of products which combine two proven stabilizers in one simple, easy-to-use formulation.

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Actagro® is a premier developer, manufacturer, and marketer of environmentally sustainable soil and plant health technology solutions that enhance value for our customers globally. As a science-based technology provider, we deliver a broad range of highly effective solutions via our proprietary Actagro Organic Acids® and Nutri-Guard® Technology Platforms™. For more information, please visit or call us toll free at 877-843-2700.



A.J. Sackett and Sons and Waconia Manufacturing, two companies with a combined 180 years of industry leading design and manufacturing experience in fertilizer equipment and systems design, combined forces earlier in 2017 by aligning their sales force and product lines. The new company will be branded as Sackett-Waconia.

Sackett-Waconia employs 200 people between their four U.S. locations in Baltimore, MD, Waconia, MN, Norwood Young America, MN and Wilson, NC, plus a fifth location in Araxá, Brazil. Sackett-Waconia has sold equipment to thousands of fertilizer plants and enjoys a world-wide reputation for quality and customer service. Combining the Companies has streamlined engineering, product design, customer service and support efficient equipment fabrication. Sackett-Waconia promotes environmentally friendly Precision Fertilizer Blending® technologies which focus on the 4R Nutrient Stewardship concept of getting the right nutrients to the right crops at the right time and rate.

For more information, please go to: or call (410) 276-4466


Applied Chemical Technology

Applied Chemical Technology is an engineering company specializing in process and product development, engineering, design and fabrication of plants and equipment. ACT has worked with the fertilizer industry to develop most of the Controlled Release Nitrogen Fertilizers on the market today and has had a role in many of the specialty products.

American Plant Food Corporation 

Throughout our history APF has produced and marketed ammonium sulfate based blended fertilizers. The company was founded in 1964 in Houston, TX and  currently operates 11 dry blending locations in Texas and markets thousands of tons of ammonium sulfate annually in the United States, Canada, Central and South America.

Over the years, APF has been the leader in promoting the use of Sulfur in the sulfate form as an essential plant nutrient and has developed markets for ammonium sulfate to be used as a fertilizer, an herbicide adjuvant, municipal water treatment, fire inhibitor in insulation and animal feed supplement, among other industrial applications.

CRF Tech 

CRF TECH is a technology driven company that offers engineering, design, fabrication, toll manufacturing and research and development services. With our in-house research and development team leading the way, we continue to create new technologies such as our revolutionary MCCM (Modular Compact Coating Machine). We also offer toll and contract manufacturing of Controlled Release Fertilizers to promote growth for our customers with simple, efficient, and affordable solutions so that Everyone Can Grow.


Evonik’s agricultural products help fulfill basic human needs for the fertilizer, animal nutrition and health care industries. For over 50 years, our plant in Mobile, AL, as well as four additional global sites, has safely and sustainably manufactured these essential ingredients for both feed and fertilizer, includingblueSulfate® (liquid ammonium sulfate), blueSulfate Dry® (crystallized ammonium sulfate) and AgraLi® (liquid NK fertilizer).  One of the world’s leading chemical manufacturing companies, Evonik employs over 35,000 employees in more than 120 countries.  Visit us at and for more information on our products.

Compass Minerals

Compass Minerals is a leading provider of innovative plant nutrition solutions.  We are dedicated to providing farmers around the world with superior crop technology that delivers healthier plants and higher yields. Our specialty plant nutrition portfolio includes PROTASSIUM+®, Wolf Trax™ DDP® and ProAcqua™, a new water soluble formulation designed for all fertigation and foliar applications. For more information about our innovative solutions please visit

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Bio-Gro Inc. is in its 30th year of producing quality products which promote soil fertility. We manufacture humic acids, biologicals and produce over 100 different nutrient products.

Our mission is to help agronomists and growers produce the highest quality yield per acre of soil and per acre foot of water. Through our Complete Fertility System we gather information, set targeted fertility programs and apply quality products.

Harnessing the power of biology and chemistry we can help you build sustainable, highly productive soils.

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Many utility and industrial combustion sources nationwide are being highly impacted by the Boiler MACT, Area Source MACT, NAAQS, GHG, Utility MATS, Effluent Guidelines, and other regulations, therefore many major emissions issues are requiring careful consideration and impactful decisions. Thus, there is a myriad of pollution control concerns met with the need to satisfy the increasingly stringent environmental control regulations with the most advanced emission control technologies. MET’s patented and proprietary ammonium sulfate flue gas desulfurization (AS-FGD) process, a method for Zero Liquid Discharge, converts unwanted SO2 into a high-value fertilizer byproduct. The advanced technology is a unique solution, which provides guaranteed, long-term compliance, requires no chemical or by-product waste handling, and produces a high-value ammonium sulfate fertilizer by-product resulting in an ongoing source of revenue. While the AS-FGD system is the company’s flagship technology, MET is a full-service air pollution control technology supplier, specializing in particulate and acid gas control.

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The Andersons 

The Andersons Plant Nutrient Group formulates, stores, and distributes nutrient, specialty, and industrial inputs through strategically located facilities and a widespread dealer network. The Andersons extensive portfolio of value-added products includes PureGrade low-salt liquid fertilizers, MicroSolutions micronutrients, humates, OMRI listed crop nutrients and soil amendments, and more to better serve the needs of growers.

The Andersons is a proud partner of 4R Nutrient Stewardship. The company is continually seeking how they may assist growers to increase production and profitability, while also building sustainable crop production systems. The company recently launched CropCoachTM, which is a web tool that delivers customized product recommendations based on nutrient deficiencies. The tool helps growers maximize their fertilizer inputs, in turn, improving their yield, profitability, and sustainability. Visit today to create your own personalized cropping system.

Visit to learn more about the company’s products and services.

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ICL Specialty Fertilizer 

ICL Specialty Fertilizers: one name, one company.

Everris, Fuentes, Nu3, Novapeak and F&C have combined to become ICL Specialty Fertilizers. The union of these companies creates a global leader in specialty fertilizers. Integrating our efforts in the area of research and product development has resulted in one organization that brings together the world’s top experts, researchers and agronomists in this specialized field. This pays off in the form of continuous innovation, new products and technologies creating added value for growers worldwide.  ICL Specialty Fertilizers’ international presence makes it uniquely positioned to meet worldwide challenges and seize opportunities. But even though the reach is global, the approach is local. You can count on the same high-quality products and the services of our experts in the field who provide you with tailor-made advice to fulfil the evolving needs of growers and farmers in a constantly changing world.  In the USA contact as at 1 800-492-8255 or by email at:

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Cameron Chemicals (Cameron), Advanced Micronutrient Products, Inc. (AMP) and Ultra Yield Micronutrients, Inc. (UYM) produce high quality single element formulations including zinc sulfate and zinc oxy-sulfate as well as multi-element packages and customer proprietary mixes for all crops and geographies throughout the world. All three facilities have varying ranges of products including sulfates, oxy-sulfates, lignin’s and chelates. While a leading supplier of zinc-based micronutrients, product lines also include boron, calcium, manganese, magnesium, iron and copper.

Advanced Micronutrient Products, Inc.:
Cameron Chemicals, Inc.:
Ultra Yield Micronutrients, Inc.:

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