Growth Hacking A/E/C: The Marketing Playbook for the New Economy


Disruption is everywhere. Nearly every aspect of an A/E/C firm’s business has been impacted, requiring significant change to business as usual. So why is marketing often the lone exception? It doesn’t have to be this way. It’s time to move past an antiquated view of marketing as a reactionary, proposal-generating support department and instead view it as the strategic, differentiating, revenue-generating lifeline it should be. Professional services marketers long to play a larger, more strategic role in positioning their firms for new business—well beyond typical proposal and interview support.

But while marketers and forward-thinking principals understand disruption is needed, some questions persist:

  • What does change look like?
  •  How do you gain buy-in from firm leadership?
  • What marketing strategies and tactics are other business-to-business industries using that our industry should be?
  • How should a modern A/E/C marketing department proactively and strategically support their firms?

This presentation is designed to help attendees answer these and other difficult questions by providing tangible and practical solutions to transforming the norm. Participants will discover "growth hacking" ways to strengthen their firm’s marketing program with proactive, growth-focused initiatives that can be tracked, measured, and tied back to the firm’s strategic objectives and bottom line.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will define the new role marketing should play in their firm’s business development efforts and be able to communicate to firm leaders what changes are needed and why.
  • Participants will discover growth-focused strategies and tactics from other industries that can work for their firms.
  • Participants will identify what roles and responsibilities that marketing departments should embrace and staff for.
  • Participants will learn actionable ideas that can transform their marketing from overhead to revenue generator

Presented by:

Tim Asimos, CPSM, Vice President & Director of Digital Innovation, circle S studio 

Tim Asimos is a recognized authority and catalyst for change in A/E/C marketing, providing keen insights on modern marketing principles and an uncommon perspective gleaned from more than 15 years of experience both inside and outside the industry. As Vice President and Director of Digital Innovation at circle S studio, Tim leads the marketing agency's development of innovative strategies in website development, content marketing, lead generation, account-based marketing and marketing technology. A national speaker and syndicated blogger, Tim’s expertise has been featured in numerous industry publications, webinars, programs and conferences around the country. Tim is a longstanding SMPS member and a Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM). He’s also a member of the American Marketing Association and is a Past President of the Richmond, Virginia chapter.                                                                             







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