Hard Cider Producer & Orchardist New Zealand Tour

Host & Special Guests

Gabe Cook - Special Guest

Eight years in the industry has given Gabe a unique insight into its inner machinations, from traditional farm to world’s largest producer. He has worked across a wide range of roles encompassing cider making, new product development, customer liaison, media relations, public affairs, international cider competition judge and community engagement. Gabe spent 3 years living and working in the NZ cider industry and it spurred his interest in the global marketplace, launching the Ciderologist worldwide.

Photo: theciderologist.com

Paul Paynter - Special Guest
The Yummy Fruit Company

A 5th generation grower, Yummy Fruit has been growing apples and stone fruit since 1862. With over 700 hectares, Yummy Fruit is iconic in the global market place and has revolutionized the NZ and export marketplace by introducing and developing new varieties. Cider is their most recent venture and their innovative nature has carried through. Bringing 120 years of orcharding experience, their cider formula is simple; combine cutting edge growing systems with real cider variety apples and precision new world wine making techniques to produce a great cider.

Photo: John Berry, Penn State University

David Sax - Special Guest
Chief Cider Maker
Redwood Cider Co.

An English native, David boasts an 18 year background in winemaking that spans multiple continents. Currently he serves as the Chief Cider maker for New Zealand’s largest dedicated cidery, Redwood Cider Co., owned by Heineken where he and his team produce 50% of all cider consumed in NZ.

Photo: redwoodcider.co.nz

Carla Snyder - Host
Agricultural Entrepreneurship & Marketing Educator
Penn State Extension
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