Hazard Study Leaders

Techniques and leadership skills for process safety hazard identification studies including HAZID and HAZOP


A four day training course (commencing at 12:30 on Monday to 12:30 on Friday)

Hazard studies (including HAZID and HAZOP) are an essential element in managing the Process Safety impact of new projects and the ongoing operation of existing plants.

The techniques covered in this course are directly applicable to all industry sectors including chemicals, petrochemicals, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and utilities. They are well proven and highly effective for identifying hazards, assessing risks and developing improvement plans. This course will train you in the ABB techniques of the 8 stage hazard process and will develop the necessary skills to lead a team in carrying out hazard studies.


ABB’s 8 stage hazard study stage

The 8 stage hazard study process covers the full lifecycle of a project. It starts at the feasibility stage of a project with a study of the inherent safety of the project concept. The 8 stage hazard study process then mirrors the development phases of the project through detailed design, construction, commissioning, and ongoing operation. At each stage there is a hazard study technique which aligns with the needs and level of development of the project.


The 8 stage hazard study process has been developed by ABB over many years following the invention of HAZOP studies, to include HAZID studies to identify major accident hazards in early process design. This phased approach to Process Safety assessments during the life of the project reduces the likelihood of discovering significant safety or environmental problems in the later stages of the project and ensures cost effective risk management. The ABB hazard study process can be applied to continuous and batch processes, non-chemical systems and PLC control systems, new projects, modifications, and existing plants.


The training method

The course consists of a series of training modules that deal with the 8 hazard study stages, plus sessions on related topics designed to improve the capability of hazard study leaders. Presentations are interactive with some video illustrations. A series of team exercises are used for the process design stage hazard studies (including HAZID and HAZOP), to give the attendees a chance to put into practice what they have learnt during the lecture presentations.

This course meets the requirements of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


Previous participants comments

“Excellent mix of videos, presentations and exercises.”

“Realised the power of hazard study 1 and hazard study 2.”

“Excellent course materials.”

“Professional presentation.”

“Good practical sessions - enables theory to be reinforced.”

Monday, 16th April 2018 - Time: 12:30-17:00
Tuesday, 17th April 2018 - Time: 09:00-17:00
Wednesday,18th April 2018 - Time: 09:00-17:00
Thursday, 19th April 2018 - Time: 09:00-17:00
Friday, 20th April 2018  - Time: 09:00-12:30

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