HIV/AIDS: Developing Your Skills and
Effectiveness as a Supervisor 

Boston or Marlboro

 Each Session is Limited to 25 People
There is no fee for this program
The Training will begin at: 9:30 AM, and end at 3:30 PM 
Coffee, tea, and juice will be available in the morning
Pre-registration is required

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In this daylong training, supervisors will gain overall management and leadership skills; will assess their own strengths and areas for growth as supervisors; will practice challenging supervision tasks with a peer group; will review current tools to track client needs/progress (acuity tool, ISP, client notes, etc) and discuss ways to oversee successful completion of these tools.

Who should attend:

  • Current supervisors in OHA funded programs who wish to enhance their skills
  • New supervisors in OHA funded programs who seek to develop supervision and leadership skills


Specific topic areas will include:

  • Giving feedback to staff
  • Motivational Interviewing concepts applied to supervision
  • Quality improvement concepts as applied to chart reviews and other data collection methods for programs
  • Leadership principles and developing your identity as a supervisor

There will be an opportunity during the day to talk about what else supervisors would find beneficial and how DPH can better support you in your role as a supervisor. 

Access Information

If you are Deaf or hard of hearing, or are a person with a disability who requires accommodations, please contact Denise Henry at AdCare Educational Institute, Inc. At (508) 752-7313; TTY: (508) 754-0039 or email: as soon as possible.

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  • Capacity

  • 25 (2 remaining)

Bad Weather Cancellations

If a training is cancelled due to inclement weather a cancellation message will be recorded on AdCare Educational Institute's voicemail before 7:00 AM the morning of the training, please call 508-752-7313 the morning of the training if bad weather is predicted.

If there is not a cancellation message recorded, the event is still taking place.

Email messages will also be sent to all registrants announcing the cancellation. Please listen to your local radio station. If the public schools in the city or town where the training is taking place are cancelled the training is cancelled. If municipal, state or federal offices in the city or town where the training is taking place are closed the training is cancelled. If there is a state of emergency, the training is cancelled.