HUGS Membership


Questions & Answers

Question: Who pays the other half of my membership?
Answer: A professional, active member of PAFCS - your HUGS sponsor - will pay the other half of your student membership.
Question: Will I be a member of AAFCS?
Answer: Yes! You will be a member of AAFCS and PAFCS.
Question: How much do I pay for my AAFCS/PAFCS membership?
Answer: You will pay $30, which is half of a student membership fee.
Question: How does the HUGS process work?
Answer: The preprofessional membership fee for the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) is $60 per year. A professional, active member of the Association is willing to pay half of this amount ($30), and you will pay the remaining half ($30) for the P/GS membership in AAFCS. A HUGS sponsor will be selected and assigned to you (if you do not currently have a HUGS sponsor).