Human Factors in the Workplace

 Most process industry companies acknowledge their workforce as their most important asset.


Human 'assets' are both flexible and adaptable, making them unique and valuable in a variety of situations.


Unfortunately the very attributes that make people valuable to the production organisation leaves them prone to error, which itself leads to the potential for safety incidents and unplanned outage. Managing and reducing human error potential brings benefits to both safety performance and efficiency, reducing both incidents and outages. 

The practical application of human factors principles (sometimes known as ergonomics) is a current industry ‘hot topic’, with increased attention being shown in the subject by production management, safety professionals, insurance inspectors / assessors and national regulators.


ABB Consulting has a heritage of providing world class process safety and operational improvement solutions to the process industry.  Over 30 years of operating experience ensures that our solutions and training packages are grounded in a practical and realistic approach that our customers appreciate.  Our human factors training courses are prepared and presented by experienced and qualified practicising human factors consultants.

What the course will cover
The course runs for three days; day one is an introduction to human factors in the workplace; day two covers tangible measures to assess and improve human performance in operations, with day three bringing in human factors in design.

The course utilises case studies from the process industries and from other industries such as nuclear, aerospace, and transport in order to illustrate key points and learning from the widest possible experience base. 
Learning will be reinforced with group and individual exercises building on the course materials presented.


This course has been accepted as a RECOGNISED SHORT COURSE of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors.


Tuesday,1st November, 2016
Wednesday, 2nd November, 2016

Thursday, 3rd November, 2016

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