Human reliability analysis workshop (One Day)

A one day interactive workshop for people leading or participating in Human Reliability Analysis at high hazard sites. The workshop will take real world examples of task inventories and detailed task information and allow the delegate to take them through the steps of:

- Identification and management of Safety Critical Tasks
- Hierarchical Task Analysis
- Human Reliability Analysis
- Consideration of Performance Influencing Factors

- Key competency identification

- Hierarchy of control review

- Demonstration of ‘ALARP’

Specimen answers will be discussed and critiqued by the group. The process is software driven and PCs and software will be provided for the duration of the workshop.

The workshop will be led by an experienced Chartered Human Factors Specialist. 

Friday 3rd November 2017, North East, Billingham, ABB Offices

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  • ABB Offices
    Pavilion 9
    Byland Way
    Belasis Business Park
    Billingham TS23 4EB
    +44 (0) 1642 372000