Side-events: a Moment of Fame

 HVTT15 - stage-idea


  • Brilliant idea or a new concept?
  • Results of a very successful project? 
  • Signing of an agreement? 


The Side Events provide organisations with the opportunity to generate exposure for a special idea, success story or, for that matter, a faltering project in need of help from the public, or to celebrate a special occasion such as the signing of a joint venture agreement. The HVTT15 will be your stage, to be used for an almost limitless variety of applications (in consultation). Sharing knowledge and experience remains the ultimate goal. 

Could your organization, project or idea benefit from some exposure?

On stage much is possible. Do you want to let the world know about a brilliant idea? Or do you want to check a concept idea if you are on the right track? Maybe in the setting of a workshop? Show the (interme- diate) results of a very successful project? Do you want the signing of an agreement not to be an in-crowd party? Let the HVTT audience share in your success. A moment of fame for your multilateral partner- ship. 

The maximum duration of a side event is one hour, in consultation exceptions can be made. The shorter a side event, the greater your chance of reaching a larger part of the audience, effectively.

The content of the side event should be connected to the topics of the HVTT15. Several stakeholders, preferably multilateral, are involved in the initiative. Participation is free of charge. The side events are not meant for business or commercial product presentations.

The organization committee determines in consultation, the place and time in the programming. Participation is free of charge.

The HVTT15 invites you!
Show us your idea, and together we will bring it on stage. 





























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