HVTT15 - stage-idea

The HVTT15 offers with the side events a stage for organizations to generate extra attention. On stage much is possible. Do you want to let the world know about a brilliant idea? Or do you want to check a concept idea if you are on the right track? May be in the setting of a workshop? Show the (intermediate) results of a very successful project? Do you want the signing of an agreement not to be an in-crowd party? Let the HVTT audience share in a success? A moment of fame for your multilateral partnership?

Could your organization, project or idea benefit from some exposure, please look at side event organizer registration and contact us.

A five-minute side event is easier to schedule in the program than a side event of an hour. The shorter a side event, the greater your chance of reaching a larger part of the audience. The maximum duration of a side event is one hour, in consultation exceptions can be made.

Together we find a suitable place in the program. Depending on the nature of the initiative, it may be presented to all participants, or part of the audience, possibly with a focus on a particular target group.

The side-events are linked to the following criteria:

  • It must be a real renewal that has not seen the daylight or just short. For example, end results of research projects or the mark of a unique collaboration.
  • The event should be limited in time in order to be able to fit it in the program.
  • The subject must be connected to the topics of the HVTT15.
  • Several parties, preferably more stakeholders, should be involved.
  • Submissions can be made by governments, training institutes and business.
  • Initiatives with a commercial goal are rejected. Business or commercial product presentations are not allowed.

Participation is free of charge.

The organization committee finally determines, again in consultation, the place and time in the programming. Should the interest be too large, the organization committee reserves the right to make a selection.

The HVTT15 invites you!

Show us your idea, and together we will bring it on stage.


















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