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 HVTT15 - stage-idea


  • Brilliant idea or a new concept?
  • Results of a very successful project? 
  • Signing of an agreement? 


Parallel to the scientific program of HVTT15, we will have a separate line of side events, where organizations are invited to suggest their unique event as part of that line, open for access of HVTT delegates. We have the excellent unique location available for that. This is a win-win situation. Invitees for your (side-) event are able to visit the HVTT15 presentations, after being registered for the symposium.

Conditions of the side event

You are fully in charge of your own event, but benefit from the presence of the members of the HVTT community. The content of the side event should be connected to the topics of the HVTT15. The side events are not meant for business of commercial product presentations.

The organization committee determines, in consultation, the place and time in the programming, such that the side event and HVTT15 sessions on similar topics will not occur at the same time. Through this, we optimize the participation of HVTT delegates in the side event, and allow your invitees to participate in HVTT15 parallel and plenary sessions, being relevant for them.

The HVTT15 invites you! Show us your idea and together we will bring it on stage.

For more information about the possibility of submitting a side event, please get in directly contact with Loes Aarts.