Outstanding Young Talent Program

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The HVTT15 symposium aims to promote the scientific and engineering achievements of young engineers. HVTT15 offers a place for them during the symposium. With new advanced developments within the field of heavy vehicle transport technology on their way and more exciting innovations to be expected in the future, it is important that HVTT inspires young and talented researchers and, vice versa, is inspired by them.

The HVTT15 wishes to foster the exchange of knowledge between young researchers and more experienced participants to the conference. To that end there will be two special Young Talent Sessions of one hour each. For each session, in the first half hour, five selected young researchers are invited to hold a presentation. The presentation consists of a maximum of 15 slides, with each slides having a duration of exactly 20 seconds. The approach is very much like a Pecha Kucha event, but with 15 instead of 20 slides. In the second part of the session, the presenters will form a panel, to be questioned by the HVTT audience. The discussion will be chaired by a member of the scientific committee. This will allow the presenters to receive valuable feedback and hands-on advice from senior researchers, and have recognition from the world-wide IFRTT network.

Who can attend?

The Young Talent program is open for undergraduates, master students and recent graduates with an age of 35 years or younger at the start of HVTT15 in September 2018.

Our offer

  • Scaled demonstrations are welcome, to be presented during the various breaks of the symposium, to be referred to in the pitch and which will be highlighted especially during the break following the Young Talent Session. This is not a condition for being selected for the Young Talent pitch but highly appreciated.
  • Full exposure of the pitches and the demonstrator
  • s to the full international HVTT15 audience.
  • From the ten selected young researchers, three outstanding young talent researchers will be awarded for the HVTT Young Talent Award 2018, with one being the overall winner.
  • The presentations will be added to the proceedings of the HVTT15 symposium.
  • Selected nominees will get a reduced symposium fee of € 150, including the symposium dinner. After acceptance of the abstract they can register with a unique discount code.  

How to submit a proposal for the outstanding Young Talent program.

As with the papers, submissions should be in the form of an extended abstract, being adjusted for this Young Talent program. The template can be found here. They should include sufficient information for a good understanding of the proposed presentation. The abstract (and the final presentation) should be written in English. Abstracts of the ten selected proposals will be included in the HVTT15 Book of Abstracts, made available to all delegates during the symposium. In addition, Young Talent presentations will be included in the final proceedings. 

The submitted proposals are judged against the following criteria:

  1. Personal motivation
  2. Originality
  3. Scientific quality
  4. Relevance to symposium themes
  5. Professional/industrial relevance
  6. Organization of the intended presentation
  7. Overall evaluation