15th International symposium on Heavy Vehicle Transport Technology

The International Forum for Road Transport Technology (IFRTT) is very pleased that its 15th International Symposium on Heavy Vehicle Transport Technology (HVTT15) will be hosted in the Netherlands by the Rijkswaterstaat, the Han University of Applied Sciences, the RDW and the Municipality of Rotterdam.

The first symposium was held in Kelowna, Canada in 1986 and the focus at that time was primarily on vehicle size and weight issues.  Since then the scope of the symposia has widened to include all aspects of improving the efficiency, the safety and the sustainability of road freight transport.      

From the beginning the symposia have been a forum for all industry stakeholders (vehicle manufacturers, transport operators, policy makers, regulators and researchers) to share their knowledge and experience.  This broad diversity of participation is unique and has been our greatest strength.

All papers from all past symposia are available for download on the IFRTT web-site http://road-transport-technology.org/.  This is a substantial resource for all industry stakeholders which I commend to you.

John de Pont, President, IFRTT