Message from Joop Pauwelussen, Scientific Chair HVTT15

More than 80 abstracts have been submitted. As a result, the HVTT15 will be able to run 3 parallel sessions, offering visitors wide choice. Authors representing all relevant stakeholders such as industry (manufacturing including OEM and suppliers, as well as transport industry), road authorities and regulators, research organizations and universities. We also see many contributions from project-consortia and international expert groups, where unique experience and knowledge is brought together from different countries in the world. Considering the abstracts, we observe an emphasis on productivity and performance, standards, road access, efficiency and sustainability, automated control technologies, modal split, and electric traction and road systems. About 40 % of the abstracts can be characterized as policy and vision, and/or sharing practical experiences. The other 60 % is related to technical research. Currently the scientific committee is busy reviewing all abstracts: a first step to come to a high quality HVTT15 program.