Symposium topics

This major motto of HVTT15 covers heavy goods vehicles and their technological innovations, the economic value of transport with emphasis on smart logistics, connectivity and multimodality, and transport and traffic management within the framework of physical infrastructure. 

The following three major themes and sub themes have been selected for HVTT15, including underlying sub themes:

  1. Commercial Vehicle Technology
    1. Low emission transport
    2. Driver support and platooning
    3. Safety and manoeuverability, smart chassis systems
    4. Standards and regulations
    5. High productivity vehicles
  2. Logistics challenges
    1. Smart logistics and connectivity
    2. Freight volume, productivity and trends
    3. Transport operation and life cycle analysis
    4. Multimodal transportation
  3. Infrastructure management and spatial planning
    1. Infrastructure access and travel time reliability
    2. Urban and regional vitality
    3. Pavement and bridge loading, lifecycle management
    4. Compliance and enforcement

These themes are addressed in a broad context where papers are invited on one of the following orientations:

a.     Policies and Vision
The future of efficient, smart and sustainable transport, the envisaged roadmap to it, and the required steps to facilitate this roadmap, from the perspective of policymakers, road authorities, legislators, industry

b.     Technical Research
How are we able to make transport clean, smart, and efficient from a technical point of view with emphasis on technological developments and control of vehicle and logistics?

c.     Sharing Practical Experiences
New developments need time to prove themselves through trials and field tests, linked with proper evaluation strategies. It is of vital importance that the experiences with these practices are shared among the HVTT community. 

It is seen as an added value to explore the major themes on all of these orientations, involving the large variety of stakeholders being essential for the conference.