Reviewing proces

There are three possible outcomes of the abstract review. The extended abstract may be accepted by the Scientific Committee, rejected, or accepted under conditions of revision according to the suggestions of the Scientific Committee. In the last situation, the acceptance will depend on the review of the paper against the fulfilment of the suggested revisions by the Scientific Committee.

If the abstract has been accepted immediately, a paper may be peer reviewed on request against the above criteria, in addition to the abstract review. All papers presented at HVTT15 will be published on the IFRTT web-site ( 

Abstracts with the highest scores will be added to a shortlist for a best paper award. In addition to the abstract assessment, also the papers on this shortlist will have a peer review. Paper and presentation will be taken into account for the final award, to be decided upon by an award committee during HVTT15.

Please access the submission by visiting HVTT15