IACC Europe Knowledge Festival 2018

Workshops and Campfire Sessions


Third Party Engagement  - The Great Debate 

In this lively Panel Debate we will be unearthing where the Venue and Third Party relations need to go in the future to cement stronger relationships.

How to stay calm in a crisis- Ken Kelling, Davies Tanner

Crisis management and crisis communications are now common place ideas in the events industry. This session will look at how you can prepare for the unexpected and how to cope when times get tough

Learner Outcomes

  • Why some people cope better under intense pressure than others
  • How to stay resilient in a crisis
  • A strategy for keeping yourself- and those around you - calm when your personal and business reputation is on the line


Differentiating your product & standing out in a competitive market  - Mandy Jennings, Managing Director of Paje Consultancy and Executive Director of Venues of Excellence

This session will look at:

  • How easy is it to predit the future?
  • Changing customers and what they want from the conference market
  • Hotels V Conference Centres - maximising your specialist position
  • Importance of your shop window
  • Showcasing your venue in a virtual world
  • Key takeaways
  • Questions?

Learner Outcomes

  • Top tips on how to stand out in a competitive market
  • Work to understand your values and deliver them clearly in the shop window
  • Price those differentiated values correctly and maximise revenue
  • Ditch the old way of doing things and embrace informality and sponteaneity!


" The MASSIVE Goal Principle" - David Hyner, Stretch Development
In this fast paced workshop David shares how the process actually works enabling delegates to leave and take action towards their own MASSIVE Goals

Learner Outcomes

  • Hear how others have succeeded
  • Learn how to set your massive goal
  • Learn the secret of mastermind groups
  • See how just 5 - 10 minutes a day can change your life and business


"How Important is Storytelling for Venue Sales and Customer Loyalty?" – Alan Newton, Eventopedia

An exploration of differing personas and their needs, and why bespoke venue storytelling will positively impact sales, customer experience and customer loyalty. 

Learner Outcomes
  • The impact of visual storytelling
  • The importance of omni-channel marketing
  • Establishing sales & marketing feedback loops


The latest in conference food and beverage trends – Mark Cooper, IACC

Food and wellness-based meetings trends are transitory by nature; however, over the past several decades, we have seen an unprecedented increase in health-orientated foods that are driving consumer spend and cross-sector operations. Discover the trends that are shaping conference food and beverage from a comprehensive survey of IACC conference venues, meeting planners and culinary experts around the globe, and how those trends can help you re think the ways you feed your attendees. 
Learner Outcomes
  • Discover the latest and greatest catering ideas from venues across the globe
  • Learn how meeting professionals are using meals and menus to prepare audiences for learning, engagement and business
  • Find out how you can better utilize F&B to maximise the event experience

Portugal wines- Such a small country and yet so many different wines...Maitre Adao Esteves

Portugal is one of the World's well known Wine Countries, known by different types of wine that exists in such a small country. However, the Atlantic see and winds on Lisbon, the warm soil and high temperature to the South in Alentejo, and the hilly and balsatic soil in the North at Douro, creates different types of wines that you can discover in a simple tasting . You can travel the entire country and understand our culture just with a glass of wine.

Join us to learn more and try for yourself

Learner Outcomes

  • To know the different Wine Regions of Portugal
  • Understand the climate influence when tasting wine
  • Learn the basic notions to taste a wine
  • Feel the difference between Alentejo, Lisbon and Douro Wines

Virtual Reality: An accessible game changer in the events industry - Sandy Hammer, AllSeated


Virtual Reality is the future of event sales. One day soon, instead of travelling around the world to expos and presenting your portfolio in an iPad, you’ll promote your property by giving personal VR tours. You will transport prospective clients instantly to your site and walk them through the best features as if you were taking them through the actual property in person.

In this interactive session, we’ll discuss the history and evolution of Virtual Reality, and how it is going to position the events industry into a major game changer!

Learner Outcomes

  •  How virtual reality evolved and why big brands are investing billions into it
  • Which pain points VR addresses, how it helps convert sales, and how it will help you stand out from your competition 
  • How to access VR for your company



How to raise your profile and increase your spheres of influence - David Hyner

A quick fire inter- active session where delegates identify the core areas of activity that would raise their industry and personal profile to position themselves as experts and become the " must hire " professional in their industry

Learner Outcomes

  • See how 5 minutes a day could transform your reputation in just one year
  • How sharing your knowledge can give you a global audience at virtually no cost
  • Why it is critical that over the next 5 years, you position yourself as an expert rather than a generalist


It's all about service ! - Pieter Allaert

It’s no secret that results come from offering a unique customer experience. I would like to debate about the steps you need in your company to increase service and guest satisfaction.

Learner Outcomes

  • Some facts and figures about service
  • Guest expectation around service
  • Some techniques to improve service


"Storylytics" - Alan Newton, Eventopedia

A discussion on the importance of data and insights for informing your marketing and converting more business. Please be prepared to come to the session and share your experiences

Learner Outcomes

  • Understanding the value of your data
  • Accessing valuable data sources
  • How to utilise your data for targeted marketing and pro-active sales

Try on a pair of wireless Oculus Go and see the future of your venue on the "GO" - Sandy Hammer, AllSeated

Come and demo Virtual Reality and understand how you will be able to transport your clients into your venue at any given moment. 

Event pros and their clients will have control over aspects of the planning process that wasn’t previously possible! VR assists venues in selling their space and services as it allows potential clients to generate a vision in advance of what their event would look like. By bringing the collaborative realism of virtual reality to event planning, AllSeated is enabling the event community to recoup one of the biggest ROI in the history of event technology. 

IACC - The Green Star Sustainability Programme - Lotta Boman, Sigtunahojden

During this Campfire Session we will focus on the standards to become a certified Green Star conference venue and to position yourself to clients, staff and other stakeholders, as a sustainable and environmentally responsible venue. IACC members agree to support IACC’s Environmental Policy, to adopt the tenets of the code, and to join other members in an association-wide effort to continually strive for greater sustainability.

Learner Outcomes

  • Understanding the IACC environmental policy statement
  • Understanding the tenents of the code
  • Timeframe to achieve accreditation
  • How to complete the survey

Learn how to make the traditional Portuguese cream custard tart - Rui Fernandes and Catarina Silva, Dolce Camporeal

A live demonstration on how to make the world famous Portuguese custard tart and the history behind it

Venue Showrounds

Venue Showrounds will be available during the Campfire Sessions on Sunday between 0945 and 1115

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