IBAEM - AEM233 - PYP, MYP, DP and DP+CP Categories 1, 2 & 3 - Madrid, Spain: 10-12 June, 2022

Electronic workbooks and materials
The International Baccalaureate is committed to modeling best practices in education, including integrating technology into professional development workshops. To that end, all IB regional professional development workshops use electronic workbooks in place of paper workbooks.
- Each participant will be required to bring a laptop and power cord to download workshop materials. We strongly encourage participants to bring a laptop rather than a tablet (for example, iPad).
- Power strips and internet access will be available to participants in the workshop rooms.
- Prior to the workshop, leader(s) will provide participants with a workshop agenda. Please note, workshop leaders will contact participants directly using the email address listed in the registration system.
- Participants should bring any documents request by the workshop leader(s) to the workshop
Accessing MyIB 
You will be using the IB’s online resources during the workshop. If you have not already, please register with My IB by completing the following steps. This will ensure that you gain access to the Programme Resource Centre in advance of the workshop.  
  1. 1. Go to the My IB homepage and click “New User?” to complete your registration. 

  1. 2. Log into My IB with your new account and click on “IB roles." Select and register for each role you fulfill at your school. 

  1. 3. After registering, your IB coordinator will receive an email to confirm the details of your account. Once confirmed you can login to My IB and access the Programme Resource Centre. 
Other workshop information 
Read our category scenarios to confirm that you are registered in the most appropriate workshop category for your needs.
- Search our workshop directory to find upcoming professional development opportunities near you.
- Review our IB workshops and resources catalogue for detailed workshop descriptions. 

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