The Conference will include two and a half days of lectures produced by ICOC's Academic Committee, admission to the exhibitions that fill The Textile Museum, a large exhibition of wonderful antique collectors' rugs and textiles at the former Corcoran Museum, two receptions, a Sunday show and tell program and other events in and around Washington.

At the nearby (easy 20 minute walk from the lecture hall) Hamilton Hotel there will be a Carpet Fair from Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon featuring an estimated fifteen dealers of truly international stature who will offer exemplary antique rugs and textiles for sale.

Special arrangements have been made for registrants to receive highly favorable rates at the prestigious Hamilton Hotel in Washington during the conference and during the post-conference extension.

Of particular interest to registrants will be the exhibition of ikats from the Guido Goldman collection. Although he had donated ikats to various museums, Goldman kept what he regarded as his best and most important ikats until he recently donated them to The Textile Museum. The Smithsonian’s Sackler Museum will have an exhibition of Goldman ikats previously donated to it. Other Central Asian material will be exhibited. The Textile Museum will also have an exhibition of Chinese minority costume as well as a selection of objects from various weaving cultures from The Textile Museum collection.

There will be a special exhibition of extraordinary collector's rugs and textiles at the Corcoran Museum (now affiliated with George Washington University) that will run the duration of the conference.

Academic sessions on Friday and Saturday will feature, but not exclusively, lectures and discussions on ikats and other Central Asian rugs and textiles, modern trends in carpet and textile scholarship and lectures with focused themes. The Sunday program will be a traditional show and tell. Registrants are invited to bring rugs or textiles to that program, especially those that may be difficult to attribute.

There will be a very special post-conference event or extension instead of a traditional “tour” by bus. This extension will take place in the Washington DC area. There is be various lectures combining scholarly background with a show and tell format exhibition of examples of the textiles being discussed. There will also be visits to museums to look behind the scenes at objects otherwise not on view. In addition, an entire evening will be devoted to viewing the fascinating collections of some prominent Washington DC area collectors as well as a reception in their homes. Nothing like this has been done in any previous conference.

The price of the extension does not include hotels nor all meals nor all local transportation. Most of the events will be within walking distance, but transportation will be provided in those instances where public transit or walking are not feasible.

This exclusive post-conference extension is strictly limited to 30 participants who reside outside the Washington DC area. The favorable ICOC rates at the Hamilton Hotel apply during the extension.

Updated and further information will be found on this site. Some announcements may be made on the ICOC home page ( and on the ICOC Facebook page