There will be a very special post-conference event or extension instead of a traditional “tour” by bus. This extension will take place in the Washington DC area. There is be various lectures combining scholarly background with a show and tell format exhibition of examples of the textiles being discussed. There will also be visits to museums to look behind the scenes at objects otherwise not on view. In addition, an entire evening will be devoted to viewing the fascinating collections of some prominent Washington DC area collectors as well as a reception in their homes. Nothing like this has been done in any previous conference.

The price of the extension does not include hotels nor all meals nor all local transportation. Most of the events will be within walking distance, but transportation will be provided in those instances where public transit or walking are not feasible.

This exclusive post-conference extension is strictly limited to 30 participants who reside outside the Washington DC area. The favorable ICOC rates at the Hamilton Hotel apply during the extension.

Conference Extension Registration Options

Conference Extension Optional Registration Fee:

  • Conference Extension per Person     $   275.00

  All times are subject to change.