2019 Knoxville Program

2019 Knoxville Program

This Year's AA and Al-Anon Programs

The theme for the 2019 annual IDAA meeting is: "we aren't a glum lot". This reflects the joy of recovery and being with our IDAA friends and family. AA and Al-Anon tracks are held in round table format.

Social and Dining Events

A favorite part of the annual IDAA convention is the fellowship at the luncheons and banquets.

Wednesday evening there will be a Welcome Reception for all registered attendees and guests, with food and plenty of opportunity to connect with new and old friends. Check the mobile app or the final program for location.

Thursday evening is the Newcomer's Banquet for all registered adult attendees. This is a wonderful experience for all of the AA and Al-Anon newcomers to be able to learn just how important they are! It helps the rest of us to remember our first IDAA meeting.
A Children's Banquet is held concurrently - see registration form for details.

On Friday all registered adult meeting attendees and IDAA Teens are invited to the Al-Anon Luncheon, an opportunity to hear updates and inspiring speakers in the Al-Anon program. This is also an excellent chance to hear peer-selected speakers from the IDAA Teen and IDAA 20's programs.

Friday evening is free time. Enjoy the city of Knoxville and consider signing up for one of the "Dine Around" dinner groups.

Saturday evening will be the formal banquet, featuring our keynote speaker. This is a very happy and spiritual time for all, and many will be recognized for their service. Business casual dress is most common for this event, but you'll be welcome any way you choose to attend.
A Children's Banquet is held concurrently - see registration form for details.

Our final session will be the Spiritual Brunch on Sunday morning. Our featured speaker will give us a wonderful message to close out our 2019 meeting.

"we aren't a glum lot"

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