Have a little one and wondering about traveling with them to Knoxville?

For the second year, IDAA will have a room specially designated for babies, toddlers, and for families with children who are too young to participate in the Jerry Moe Children's Program (7-12 years).

Where? The Children's Playroom can be found in the Knoxville Convention Center. A nice, large room will be furnished with big chunky toys and serve as a playroom. We will have little tables and chairs set up for coloring, drawing, and reading. The Playroom will be listed on the map for convenience. Parents do not need to feel pressure to keep rambunctious toddlers quiet in a hotel room, and can have good meetings with other parents in this informal space.

How does it work? Moms, Dads, Grandparents, and other caregivers are invited to visit this room with their babies, toddlers, and kids through age 6.

When? The doors will be opened for FUN during the meeting hours.

Why? For years IDAA members wanted to support young families who cannot attend meetings due to the logistics of traveling to the meeting with young children. The Playroom allows parents to "tag-team", and trade off as they care for their children, so that both can attend meetings. The Playroom is a gathering spot where little ones can play, have fun, and meet with other young children while parents in recovery share experience and strength.

Will IDAA offer childcare? IDAA will not be able to offer paid childcare in the Playroom, but you are more than welcome to use the room and let your little one roll, crawl, run, and play with others. If grandparents are coming, or you hire a sitter to come with you, they may use this room as well.

Note: In a toddler room, toddlers may get angry or frustrated. All parents have the right to politely and respectfully say, "please do (something positive) instead" to a child who is frustrated or angry. Biting or hitting will be monitored by all parents, so that all children can have a good experience.

Children's Banquets: All children who are potty trained are welcome to attend the Children's Banquets on Thursday and Saturday evenings, so their parents can attend the evening banquets, worry-free. Children are served "kid friendly" meals, and entertainment is provided to make the time enjoyable. Banquets are covered by a childcare service. Please see registration page for details and pricing.

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