IDWeek 2020 Affiliated Event Application

About Affiliated Events

  • ONLY EXHIBITING COMPANIES, their third-party contractors, or allied non-profit societies may apply for an affiliated event. Learn more about exhibiting.
  • ANY EVENT involving ATTENDEES AND/OR EXHIBITORS of IDWeek is considered an affiliated event. 
  • You must apply for EACH affiliated event online.
  • Learning Lounges, Satellite Symposium, Presentation Theaters, Open Educational Galleries, and Other Affiliated Events each require their own unique email address.  If you plan to register for multiple types of affiliated events, plan to use a unique email address for each registration type.

* NOTE: During the online application process, third-party companies are required to provide a Letter of Appointment from the exhibiting company. Alumni groups or allied societies are not required to be exhibitors at IDWeek.


Important Dates and Documents

Important Deadlines:
  • Applications Accepted - ongoing
  • Applications are Approved and Space Assignments will be provided in July then on an ongoing basis
  • Deadline for Satellite Symposia, Open Educational Galleries and Presentation Theaters, and Learning Lounges - July 26, 2020
  • Deadline for other Affiliated Events - September 27, 2020