IERI Summer Academy 2019 - Sampling


Researchers interested in secondary analysis of large-scale assessment data will learn in this workshop about the particularities of these data sets. When analyzing or interpreting sample data, researchers should always consider the sampling design used to select the targeted populations (e.g., schools, classes, students, teachers etc.). This is of particular importance when focusing on complex random sample data, such as the ones used in large-scale assessments in education. Failing to apply correct sampling weights and variance estimation procedures could lead to biased outcomes or/and misinterpretation of results.

A second target audience comprises persons involved in the conduct of large-scale assessment. The samples of these studies are usually selected by sampling statisticians related with the international study centers. These experts select the samples after thorough consultation with the national representatives. In order to develop a sampling design that fits not only the international study goals but also specific national research interests, it is necessary for the contact persons to have a basic understanding about the concepts of sampling. The workshop will build this understanding, enabling participants to discuss sampling designs in sophisticated ways with executing sampling experts.

The workshop comprises lectures and hands-on trainings for the various subjects. Participants are expected to have a basic working knowledge of statistics. They will profit most from the assignments when bringing their own laptop computer with MS Excel installed.

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