Immunization Updates 2016 - Materials

Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Bureau of Infectious Disease,
Division of Epidemiology and Immunization
& AdCare Educational Institute, Inc.

Materials to Download and Print

Below are the Immunization Updates 2016 Presentations and Handouts. Please remember that there will be no hard copies of the presentation slides so please either print the one slide per page or three slides per page with notes version below. You will receive a packet of information for the day when you arrive with other pertinent information.

Immunization Updates 2016 List of Materials - This list describes what you will receive in the In-Person Immunization Update packet as well as helpful additional resources. 

Epidemiology VPD - One slide per page
Epidemiology VPD Handout - Three slides per page

Community Immunity - One slide per page
Community Immunity Handout - Three slides per page

Clinical Immunization Updates - One slide per page
Clinical Immunization Updates Handout - Three slides per page

MIIS - Three slides per page
MIIS Handout - Three slides per page