Implant Restoration: Keys & Crucial Tips For Restoring Single Implant Cases to Full Mouth Implant Reconstructions

This 3-day course focuses on the restoration of the simple to more advanced implant clinical cases. The objective of this course is to build confidence in the dental team to successfully take on and systematically complete these simple to challenging cases. If your patients require implants in combination with natural teeth, a full mouth implant reconstruction or even an implant denture reconstruction, this course is designed to provide the tools and procedures required to successfully manage and complete these cases.

The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

Utilize impression techniques, including digital impressions.

Discuss abutment choices: standard abutments versus custom abutments, ceramic versus titanium abutments.

Recognize indications for cemented versus screw-retained crowns and individual crown options versus splinting.

Discuss implant restoration torque requirements and cement options.

Utilize impression techniques and bite transfers for implant reconstructions.

Restore implant cases to C.O. or neuromuscular occlusion.

Utilize the step-by-step approach to restoring implant cases that involve implant-natural teeth combinations as well as full implant reconstructions. 

Discuss all of the denture and restorative options available, which include: fixed and removable hybrid appliances, bar attachments, locators, ORS attachments, and locking attachments.

Utilize the newest denture options of fixed or fixed-detachable all-ceramic implant dentures.

Utilize techniques for immediate load, immediate temporization, and tissue development.

Complete neuromuscular full mouth reconstructions.

Resolve restoration complications.

Navigate implant pricing, fee schedules, billing, medical and dental cross coding, and medical necessity.

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