Questions & Answers

Question: Why do I have to pay $15.00 to get a paper bound syllabus now when I automatically received it in the past?
Answer: We have had significant feedback requesting an environmentally responsible method of providing you with event handouts. This added to the ever increasing cost of paper bound syllabus has pushed us to charging for the actual cost of printing a syllabus. We encourage you to think environmentally when making this decision. Many conferences now do not provide paper handouts at all.

You can receive all of the same handouts free (included in your registration fee) if you choose the paperless download option.

Question: Will breakfast be provided?
Answer: No, breakfast is not provided by the conference. Light refreshments will be provided at the morning and afternoon breaks. 
Question: Can I get a refund if I have to cancel?

Please read the refund and cancellation policy related to your event. A cancellation fee of $50.00 will apply if you cancel early, a larger cancellation fee of $75.00 applies on or after October 6. There will be no refunds after October 20th or on the day of the conference or after the event.

Question: Will anything be sent to me before the conference?
Answer: You will receive a registration notification almost immediately if you register online. If registering by phone, fax or mail you should receive a confirmation within 5 days. If you do not receive this confirmation your registration was not receive in our office. In this case please contact us to re-register.
Question: How warm will the room be?
Answer: It is our experience that 1/3 of the participants will be too hot, 1/3 too cold and 1/3 just right. How warm or cool you are may depend on where you are seated in the room related to vents. Please bring a sweater or layer clothing so you can be comfortable.
Question: When should I arrive at the conference?
Answer: Allow yourself enough time to park, pick up your registration package (there is seldom a long lineup) and choose a seat you would like to have for the day. If you arrive late you may have to sit at the back or very front of the room. The registration desk is open and staffed all day and we will hold your package if you are late. Registration is open at 07:00 and the sessions begin at 08:25.
Question: What is in my registration package?
Answer: You will receive a paper syllabus if specified during your registration. If you choose the paperless download option for your handout you will receive an email with a link two days prior to the conference with the handouts. You will also receive a name tag, receipt and Certificate of Attendance, Main Pro Credits or Royal College Credits.
Question: Can I bring food into the lecture room with me?
Answer: Yes, there will be coffee and tea only available starting at 07:00. There will be coffee and light refreshments available during the coffee breaks in the morning and afternoon. About half of the seating will be with tables and chairs and half just chairs. 
Question: Will lunch be provided?

No, lunch is not provided by the conference. The cost to the attendee would be quite high as we must use the Fairmont Empress for catering. 

Question: Where can I park?
Answer: The entrance to underground parking at the Victoria Conference Centre is off Douglas street behind the Empress hotel. Cost is currently $16.00 per day. Please note this lot may be full even in the morning as it is shared with the Fairmont Empress hotel. Other parking options are available on a daily basis. 814 Wharf Street at the Sea Plane dock. $12.00/day open lot or view the Robins Parking web site for other options: