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Monday - May 14th
1-1:15 Opening remarks / welcome
1:15-2:15 Plenary Session 1 (Ballroom A+B)
Seung-Schick Yoo: "Neuromodulation using Focused ultrasound - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"
Charlie Viviano: "Regulatory pathway of high intensity ultrasound for prostate ablation"
2:15-2:45 Coffee Break (Exhibit hall and foyer)
2:45-4:45 Scientific Sessions
Blood Brain Barrier (Ballroom A) Modeling & Physics (Ballroom B)
5pm-7pm Reception + Vendor Faire (Exhibit hall and foyer)
Tuesday - May 15th
8-8:55am Education Session #1 (Ballroom A+B)
George Schade: "Immunology for Physicists"

Kobi Vortmann: "Advanced Technologies, their impact on MRgFUS systems & clinical applications"

Joo Ha Hwang: "HIFU in Oncology"
9am-10am Plenary Session 2 (Ballroom A+B)
Frederic Lizzi Early Career Lecture
William and Francis Fry Award Lecture
10:00-10:30am Coffee Break
10:30-noon Student Award Presentations (Ballroom A + B)
Noon-1pm Lunch: Rand Dining Hall
1-2pm Poster Session 1 (Ballroom C + Atrium)
2pm-3:30pm Scientific Sessions
Brain: Therapy (Ballroom A) Hardware and Systems Development (Ballroom B)
3:30-4pm Coffee Break
4pm-5:30pm Nanotechnologies & Drug Delivery (Ballroom A) Brain: Neuromodulation (Ballroom B)
Wednesday - May 16th
8-9:25am Education Session #2 (Ballroom A+B)
Tanya Khokhlova & Zhen Xu: "Everything you need to know about histotripsy"
Ayache Bouakaz & Hao Li Liu "Everything you need to know about ultrasound enhanced drug delivery"
9:30am-10am Penary Session 3 (Ballroom A+B)
Mikhail Shapiro: "Engineering cells and molecules for theranostic ultrasound"
10:00-10:30am Coffee Break
Scientific Sessions
10:30-noon MR-guidance (Ballroom A) Immunotherapy (Ballroom B)
Noon-1pm Lunch: Rand Dining Hall
1-2pm Poster Session 2 (Ballroom C + Atrium)
Scientific Sessions
2pm-3:30pm Thermal Ablation (Ballroom A) Emerging Technologies (Ballroom B)
3:30-4pm Coffee Break
Scientific Sessions
4pm-5:30pm Non-Thermal Therapies (Ballroom A) Clinical Applications - Body (Ballroom B)
5:45pm Bus transport to dinner
6-10pm Dinner at ACME
Thursday - May 17th
Education Session #3 (Ballroom A+B)

Dennis Parker: "Monitoring treatments using MRI"

9am-10:30am Scientific Session
Ultrasound guidance (Ballrooms A + B)
10:30-11am Coffee Break
11am-11:30am Closing remarks
Noon-1pm Lunch: Rand Dining Hall
1pm-5pm Lab visits