Interpretation and Diagnosing everyday problems from everyday Radiographs

Presented by

Dr Amar Sholapurkar


James Cook University

The Cairns Institute (D3-149 and 150)

14-88 McGregor Road

Smithfield, QLD, 4878


Saturday 15th September 2018

Time: 9:00am - 1:00pm | Total cost: $198| 4 CPD Hours


Learning Objectives

Dental radiographs have been a valuable diagnostic tool in the dentist’s armamentarium and are commonly being used in various dental practices across Australia. A successful and systematic approach to radiographic interpretation  depends on thorough understanding of normal radiographic anatomy of the headand neck.

This presentation highlights variety of oral and dental pathologies (which are illustrated by classic examples and are exclusively Radiology related) that general practitioners (in Australia) usually encounter. The lecture will also outline the basic steps the clinicians must consider to continually refine their diagnostic skills and knowledge of anatomy in order to formulate a differential diagnosis.

Learning Objectives

Systematic approach to interpretation of Extraoral and
Intraoral Radiographs

Is that a Normal Radiographic anatomy or a pathology?

Evaluation of common pathologies affecting the jaw bones and teeth, developmental disorders of jaws, foreign bodies, trauma, cysts and tumours etc.

Soft tissue calcifications that are encountered on routine panoramic radiographs.

Common periapical radiolucencies and radiopacities that a general practitioner encounters in their day to day practice and how to arrive at accurate diagnosis.

Diagnosis of common pathologies, especially those associated with systemic illnesses that should be timely referred to the respective specialists.

Includes 1 hour Image Interpretation Workshop.