IP Business Basics 101
The Business BridgeSM Course

Making Money through IP Deals
An Introduction to What is IP & How it Works for Business


This one-day, brand new course designed by experienced LES professionals for courses within USA & Canada is deal-centric.  The many deals configured by intellectual property or with significant IP. Whether it is a trademark, international brand, copyright, patent, knowhow, trade secrets or a combination of some/all of these, recent transactions and auctions have confirmed the value of IP in commercial transactions.

The course is taught by both experienced business and legal licensing executives, all LES members and vetted instructors.

Delivery of the course content is based on hands-on learning for the majority of the day. After a short, small group exercise around trademarks, copyrights, and brands, we learn about a real licensing deal through a publicly available license agreement. What is being licensed? For how long? What is the value in the deal? What does each party have to do once the deal is signed?

And this is followed by hands-on exploration of topics such as

  • Definitions of IP
  • Term Sheets – clarifying business expectations of a deal and how to develop as well as when and where to use them; high-level templates
  • Drivers of value in deals – a qualitative discussion of the three usual ways to determine value – Cost, Income, and Market Approaches
  • Elements of an Intellectual Asset Strategy – and how these relate to Term Sheets
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements – types, obligations once they are fully executed
  • Invention Disclosures – with an engaging exercise for you to understand how important they are
  • Patents and use of a real example to learn the components of a US Patent
  • A license agreement built around patents in a real deal; you will learn many of the elements that tend to be in common for all Intellectual Property (IP)/Intellectual Asset (IA) agreements as opposed to those paragraphs specific to patents.
  • Trade Secrets essential role in certain technologies and their value.

The course will not make you an expert but you can expect to become a more informed consumer of legal, business and valuation issues around IP deals.

The key is that the attendees are generally a cross section of people who might be entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers, private equity and venture capital partners, investment bankers, lawyers, graduate students, CPA’s who work in start-ups, various people from established companies of all sizes, non-profit tech transfer offices, law firms, valuation firms, and so forth. The diversity in the student group enhances discussion and understanding.

Who Should Attend
There is no prerequisite for the course. It IS designed for people as an IP Business introduction to those who will be doing IP/IA deals or who want to know more about these deals.


Course developed by Jeff Whittle, Bracewell & Giuliani and Ada Nielsen, Foodexus LLC.Various course materials provided by ktMine and Mapwise.
© 2014 Licensing Executives Society (USA and Canada)

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