Jill Taylor In-Office

This three day in-office consult is designed to assist you with implementing the information and skills presented at LVI in your practice.  Over shoulder coaching becomes more effective when the entire team is on the same page shaping a practice periodontal philosophy. This consult introduces a fluid Team approach to caring for patients and merging perfect tissue with perfect teeth. Your entire Team will be offered a better understanding of the oral systemic link, helping them assess and suggest treatment of periodontal disease using the most up to date techniques and technologies.

  • Identify the Oral Systemic Link: the science and application.
  • Develop a medical risk assessment protocol for comprehensive patient care.
  • Discuss and establish the guidelines, classifications, and treatment planning for periodontal disease.
  • Discuss the most recent research and efficacy on anti-microbial, antibiotic and adjunctive therapies.
  • Increase nutritional understanding as it relates to optimal health.
  • Utilize chair-side recommendations to introduce Occlusal signs and symptoms as it relates to NM Dentistry.
  • Demonstrate and implement the efficacy and the use of micro-ultrasonic versus hand instrumentation and to update the most current application of advanced technology.
  • Create a clear Perio Philosophy as it relates to your office Culture.
  • Establish guidelines for a closely monitored system, while providing the communication skills to insure the patient’s commitment to their individual balance point as well as ongoing support for incomplete restorative/aesthetic treatment.
  • Determine clear distinctions between preventive, supportive and active periodontal therapy and to determine where restorative/aesthetic treatment may be integrated within the patients’ comprehensive treatment plan.
  • Refine your communication skills to elicit the patient’s wants and needs.

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