Kessler Epic Training 2018

Welcome to the Epic Training Registration Site

We are excited to have you trained in our new Epic documentation system.

1. Choose your role on the chart below

  • Note your registrant type and training session(s)

2. Select the Registration Button at the top or bottom of the page

  • Enter your contact information

3. After choosing your Registrant Type, Select your Campus 

  • Training will be at your campus (West Orange, Saddle Brook, Chester), however additional training is offered on the weekend at the West Orange campus

4.  Select your training by Adding to Agenda from the list of available training

  • Remember each role has specific training: Look at the chart below to find out your training needs.
  • Playground sessions: After you have completed your main training, come back to the Playground to have additional time to work with trainers. 
  • Superusers: Please select your role's main training session and superuser session. Don't know if you are a superuser?  Ask your manager.

Remember that each session has a cap number of participants, so register early and save your slot!

RoleRegistrant Type Epic Classroom Training 
Admissions CoordinatorCase Manager and Admissions Admission Coord CC/SU 

 Case Manager

Case Manager and Admissions
Case Manager CC


Charge Nurse

House Supervisor

Nursing (All Training Sessions) 

Nursing CC

House Sup CC

Wound CC

DME CoordinatorDME CoordinatorDME CC 
DQM Nursing (All Training Sessions)

Nurse CC


HIM Manager & HIM Tech HIM HIM CC 
Materials Manager Materials ManagerMaterials Man CC 
Neuropsychologist Neuropsychologist 
Neuropsyc CC
NurseRN Nursing (General and Superusers)Nursing CC 
Nursing AssistanceRA: Nursing (General and Superusers)Nursing Asst CC 
Nutritionist/Dietitian Nutritionist/Dietitian Nutrition CC 
PharmacistPharmacy Pharmacist CC 
Pharmacy Technician Pharmacy Pharm Tech CC 
Physician (Consulting and In House) I am a PhysicianPhysician Lab 
PICC Nurse Nursing (All Training Sessions) PICC CC
PPS Coordinator PPS PPS CC
Radiology Tech Radiology TechnicianRad Tech CC
Respiratory Therapist, RT Supervisor/Manager Respiratory TherapyRT CC
Spiritual CareSpiritual CareSpiritual Care CC 
Therapist (PT, OT, ST) Therapy (General and Superusers)

Therapy CC

Therapy Sched CC

Recreation TherapistRec Therapist  

Therapy CC

Therapy Sched CC

Spiritual Care


Therapist Manager

Therapy (General and Superusers) 

Therapy CC

Therapy Sched CC

Therapy Sched SPVR CC/ SU

Unit ClerkUnit ClerkUnit Clerk CC
Wound Nurse Nursing (All Training Sessions)Wound CC


  • When

  • Monday, February 12, 2018 - Friday, March 9, 2018
    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Eastern Time

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