Level I and II: Erosion & Sediment Control/Stormwater Certification for NCDOT Projects

Online Training for NC DOT E&SC/Stormwater

Primary Contact for Online Training
Joni Tanner

4 Steps for Online Training

  1. Register and pay for your Online Training. Click on the exam registration link below to register for the online exam you need.

    1. Level I Initial ($125): http://www.cvent.com/d/jrq8kx
    2. Level II Initial ($125):  http://www.cvent.com/d/8rqm75
    3. Level I Recertification ($75):  http://www.cvent.com/d/lrqkwt
    4. Level II Recertification ($75):  http://www.cvent.com/d/zrqm71

  2. Get a copy of all the class handouts, either from a co-worker or by downloading and printing from this ESC Level 1-2 website. The handouts will help you follow along with the video training. You will also need your handouts and notes for the open book exam.

    1. On this website, click on the left hand tab labeled “Course Agendas and Downloads.”
    2. Find the agenda of the course you want to take.
    3. Click on the link labeled Booklet for Level I and I-R or Booklet for Level II and II-R.

  3. View the training videos on a computer with internet access. There is no login or password, and you can view them at any time, any place, alone or in groups. There is no registration for viewing the videos.

    1. Go to the video website: http://go.ncsu.edu/ncdot.certification.videos
    2. Click on the Certification Level course you want to take in the upper left box.
    3. Click on the title of the “Introduction” module, and watch the video.
    4. Proceed to click and watch each additional module in the class.

  4. Schedule a traditional paper exam or take the online exam whenever you are ready using the steps outlined below.

Take an Online Exam

5/19/17:  The Moodle Online System has been upgraded.

Please note the revised instructions below.


Primary Contact for Taking an Online Exam
Joni Tanner

NOTE:  Before attempting to take an online examination, the individual must have a personal working email account and be comfortable using computers for online activities. The process outlined below is not terribly difficult, but is complex enough that anyone who is uneasy using computers or the internet should probably not attempt this exam; or at the very least have someone more experienced walk them through the registration process.


Steps for Taking an Online Exam

  1. Go to this website:  https://moodle-outreach.wolfware.ncsu.edu/course/view.php?id=229

  2. Click "Create New Account."  Note: You must have your own personal email address to create a Moodle account.

  3. Complete the form including username, password, and other information. Then, click the "Create my new account" button. Correct any errors, if prompted to do so. When finished, close this browser window.

  4. Watch for a Moodle account confirmation email from LearnTech (Subject: Moodle Outreach: account confirmation) in your email Inbox. (If you don’t see it, check your Junk Folder.)

  5. Open that email message, and click on the account confirmation link, which will activate your new Moodle account.

  6. Click on "Courses."

  7. In the search box, type the word "erosion" and click on the "Go" button. 

  8. Click on the title "NCDOT Erosion and Sedimentation Control/Stormwater Certification Program." 

  9. Look in the upper right corner of the screen and find the little gray cog immediately under the red title banner. Click on the cog, then click on “Enroll me in this course.” Then, click on the button "Enroll me" in the center of the page.

  10. Click on the Certification Level of the exam you want to take, read the instructions carefully, and complete your exam.

  11. Download your certificate to save, and then print a copy of your certificate as temporary proof that you passed the exam.

  12. Get an Official Certification Card:  If you have already paid for your certification, your new card will be included in the next batch of online updates and cards. If you have not already paid for your certification, do so as soon as you pass the exam by following the procedure at the top of this webpage. Your name will be added to the certification list, and a card will be issued through regular mail.  The certification lists are updated and cards are mailed monthly.

Schedule a Traditional Paper Exam

Primary Contact for Scheduling an Exam
Joni Tanner

  2 Steps for Scheduling a Traditional Paper Exam

  1. Contact Joni, and coordinate an exam date. Joni can help to find a proctor near your location, or you can take the exam in Raleigh by appointment.

  2. Check in and take your exam. Please arrive early for your exam. You will have 1 hour to complete the exam.

    Remember to bring:
    1. Course handouts and notes
    2. #2 Pencil

Administrative Contact
Joni Tanner or Kathryn Luxford
919-515-7154 or 919-513-1678