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Leveraging Data 2017

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The Opening Session, General Sessions, Awards Ceremony, Closing Session and the reception do not need to be selected during the registration process.  They will be included in your agenda. 




  • Wednesday, June 7, 2017
    8:00 AM  -  5:00 PM
    Registration and Check In
    8:00 AM  -  5:00 PM
    LD2017 Solution Center
    Explore the LD2017 Solution Center throughout the day. Visit the Sponsor Booths, as well as the Government Solution Tables.
    8:30 AM  -  9:00 AM
    8:30am - Welcome and Opening Remarks  (Hall "D")

    Opening Remarks:

    Russ Hicks, President, Public Sector Partners, Inc.

    Executive Sponsor - Karen Johnson, Chief Deputy Executive Director, Operations, Cover CA
    9:00 AM  -  10:00 AM
    9:00am - Opening Keynote - Digital Revolution: The Data Driven Enterprise  (Hall "D")

    Speaker: Manish Dasaur, Managing Director, Accenture


    Description - The Digital Revolution is here. Today is an age of human empowerment and of intelligent enterprises through leveraging the power of data. Leaders are capitalizing on digital trends, data explosion and new capabilities to create a people centric experience that is smarter, easier and more satisfying than ever. And the pace of change is accelerating every day, are you ready?
    10:15 AM  -  11:00 AM
    10:15am - Session 1: Design + Data: A Design Thinking Approach To Driving Value Out of Big Data  (Room 202)
    Main Speaker:  John Froehlich, Managing Director, Accenture
    Panel Moderator:  Mark Noriega, Managing Director,Accenture
    Additional Panel Members or Speakers:
    Steve Boswell, Managing Director, Fjord
    Manish Dasaur, Managing Director,Accenture


    Description:  Nine out of ten organizations are investing in Big Data yet the return on that investment remains elusive. Citizens are demanding more contextualized, personalized services, but many organizations have been challenged to deliver them. While machine learning and data science bring sophisticated models to the table, a design thinking approach to uncover the contexts of use can both drive value out of the data and bring the right contextualized services to businesses and citizenry of California. This session will show how data science and service design expertise leveraged in an integrated approach can iteratively deliver the right data insights and data enabled services that produce true business value out of the data and deliver real benefits for the businesses and citizens of California. Come learn how to get real value out of your data.


    Intended Audience:  Senior Program Executives, Key Policy Makers, IT executives, Data Scientist, Chief Data Officers

    10:15 AM  -  11:00 AM
    10:15am - Session 2: Transforming the Customer Experience by Leveraging Data Analytics  (Room 203)

    Presented by Deloitte 


    Description:  Like many organizations in the private sector, forward-thinking government agencies are realizing that their ability to execute their mission can be linked to their ability to deliver an effective customer experience—to businesses, to citizens, and to their own employees. Moving an organization beyond incrementally improving customer service to transforming customer experience entails a change in the mind set and an organizational strategy that puts the customer at the center. How do you apply the principles of human centric design to design a unique customer experience and apply the lens of customer experience to solve some of the challenges in the public sector?

    Upon completion of the session, participants will be able ...
    • Understand the fundamentals of Human Centric design
    • Appreciate the distinction between customer service and customer experience
    • Learn how small discrete actions can yield powerful results through “nudges”


    Intended Audience:   CIOs, Business Executives, Directors/Deputy Directors, Data Architects, and project team members

    10:15 AM  -  11:00 AM
    10:15am - Session 3: The Do's and Dont's of Data Visualization  (Room 204)
    Bradley Burch, Sr. Consultant, Kiefer Consulting
    Chris Hughes, Analytics and Spatial Specialist, Oracle Public Sector
    Paul Flanigan, Enterprise Planner, CA Dept of Motor Vehicles


    Description:  The Theory and Best Practices of Data Visualization.In this session, you will learn how to leverage business intelligence tools to build relevant and visually appealing data visualizations. Our presenters will share recipes and best practices for data visualizations that dynamically bring data to life. We will also present data visualization examples that miss the mark, explain why they miss, and what you can do to ensure that the visualizations that you create deliver information effectively. In this short and engaging session, audiences will get a crash-course in data visualization theory and practice.As an added bonus, our session will also feature data analysts from the public sector that will present their experiences using data visualizations. They will be able to share how these visualizations impact business decisions.


    Intended Audience:   Analyst - Data Scientist - Execs - Citizen - All Levels Intro

    10:15 AM  -  11:00 AM
    10:15am - Session 4: Enabling Analytics - Its more than just selecting some tools  (Room 104)
    Jung Kim, PhD, Sr. Analytic Consultant, DXC Technology
    Brett Barton, Sales Executive, DXC Technology


    Description:  Data is available in massive quantities never previously available, growing at increasing rates due to new data sources and collection methods. Meanwhile, personnel across organizations are becoming involved with data. These two developments are converging to inform business strategies and operations, fueling business performance. In this training session, information would be shared on how to move from traditional business intelligence to advanced analytics. Establishment of an Analytics Center of Excellence is more than just assembling people. It requires proper governance, a supporting architecture, a robust methodology and most importantly a paradigm shift across the organization to be data driven. We will explore the importance of stakeholder maturity, clear definition of responsibilities and roles, proven best practices in establishing an center of excellence, providing the audience with a roadmap of how to get started on an advanced analytics journey.


    Intended Audience:  This session is intended for all leaders looking to further their analytics journey. Executives, Managers, Supervisors, Program Leaders, IT Leaders, Business Owners, Project Managers, Data Scientists, Chief Data Officers.

    10:15 AM  -  11:00 AM
    10:15am - Session 5: Citizen Driven Strategy: Steps to build & sustain an effective model  (Room 105)
    Bharat Bagaria, Director of Consulting Services, CGI Technologies and Solutions
    Adam Dondro, Assistant Director for Horizontal Integration, CA Health and Human Services Agency


    Citizen Driven Strategy: Steps to build and sustain an Effective Citizen Centric Data and Analytics Information Model

    Description:  California Agencies are eager to be citizen centric and provide the best services to the constituents, but achieving that is not always easy. We will discuss strategies to consider when moving an agency that has citizen information in siloed systems into an enterprise citizen centric environment. Thinking about how to define a citizen, what are the various types of citizens, how does the citizen interact with my agency, and how can an enterprise wide system help those citizens are questions that will be discussed. How do you create an environment to support the citizen centric processes? We will also look at a successful approach on how to start your efforts. Join us to learn how to move your organization from 'Silos of Citizens' to 'Enterprise-Wide Citizens'!


    Intended Audience:  Technical and business individuals will benefit from this session

    10:15 AM  -  11:00 AM
    10:15am - Session 6: Data Quality - The Foundation of Digital Transformation  (Room 205)


    Scott Arnett, Director of Product Management, Pitney Bowes - Customer Information Management

    Cordelia Min - Franchise Tax Board


    Description:  Creating a citizen-centric digital experience means being able to tailor that experience to meet the needs of your constituents. Data quality and the ability to create a Single Citizen View are foundational to the success of these projects, helping to eliminate the fractured view often created when there are multiple touch points within your organization. The ability to identify a single citizen by across those touch points drives deeper understanding and creates better interactions that will help enable your digital transformation. Best Practices presented by Franchise Tax Board on Data Strategy and Governance.


    Intended Audience: Directors, Deputy Directors, Program Directors Data Solutions, Division Chiefs.

    10:15 AM  -  11:00 AM
    10:15am - Session 7: How is a Data Driven Enterprise Executed in Real Life  (Room 103)
    Chad Hodges, VP, ENS-Inc
    Manish Jiandani, Director, Business Analytics, Splunk
    Chadd Kenney, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of the Americas, Pure Storage
    Tim Garza, CIO, CA Natural Resources Agency


    Description:  We all know Enterprises are Driven by the proliferation of Data, but how do we go about creating a Data Driven Enterprise? Our panel of experts will share their real world experience. Listen to the CTO of both Pure Storage and Splunk share their story along with a State CIO that had a Data Driven Enterprise before it was as popular as it is today. Learn their lessons and seek their advice on what you can do to create a Data Driven Enterprise.


    Intended Audience:   Data Managers, Data Center Managers, CTO's, CIO's

    11:15 AM  -  12:00 PM
    11:15am - Session 8: Gain new insights from existing data to deliver better citizen service.  (Room 103)
    Khader Mohiuddin , Director, Big Data Industry Solutions , Oracle
    Catherine Kendall , CIO , Department of Conservation


    Description:  Attend this session and become empowered with proven ways Public Sector business leaders are gaining insight from their data and building data-driven decision making organizations. Big Data Practice expert, Khader Mohiuddin, will demonstrate real world use cases of forward thinking Public Sector business leaders overcoming Barriers, Challenges and Obstacles and achieving success building a data driven decision making organization. Learn from Catherine Kendall, Department of Conservation CIO, as she shares her story leading organization successes, and trials and tribulations leveraging data science people, process, and tools to make data insight happen and build an organization that continuously improves its ability to achieve data driven decision making. Catherine will address identifying high impact, solvable business problems, preparing the staff to execute data-driven decision making processes, leveraging data science practice and principles, achieving high-impact business results.


    Intended Audience:   Business Executives looking to take their business to the next level with data insight and data-driven decision making.

    11:15 AM  -  12:00 PM
    11:15am - Session 09: How to Prepare for the Unknown.  (Room 202)
    Sara Mazer, Big Data Enterprise Architect, MarkLogic
    Cheryl Miles, Account Executive, MarkLogic
    Tracy Geiszler, Division Chief, Information Technology Solutions, Caltrans
    Clark Kelso, Federal Receiver, McGeorge School of Law


    Description:  It happened seemingly overnight. Data used to be boring and predictable. Suddenly, data stuck in silos is in different shapes: tables, documents, email, social media, IoT or video, and your agency is being asked to do different things with it for users you didn’t know you had. Meanwhile Governance, Risk, and Compliance is more important and more difficult than ever. However, this is also an opportunity to rethink what data management means to Government Leaders and how changes affect operations and culture. This panel will explore the impact of changing data and demands and how a future-proofing shift can help your agency catch up with your changing data and user requirements. Panelists Tracy Geiszler will share how changing data demands impacts Caltrans, Federal Receiver Clark Kelso will discuss the power of answering "What did you know and when did you know it", and Sara Mazer from MarkLogic will tie everything together with the case study and lessons learned.


    Intended Audience:   Leaders and future leaders who wants to make a difference in their organization and who recognize new demands can create opportunities for change.

    11:15 AM  -  12:00 PM
    11:15am - Session 10: Data Storytelling - Turning Data from Insights to Value  (Room 204)
    Savita Farooqui, CEO , SymSoft Solutions, LLC
    Rachel Arrezola, Deputy Director, Communications and Planning, CA Dept of Managed Healthcare
    Marko Dugonjic, User Experience Director, Symsoft Solutions


    Description: Since the open data movement began to take off in early 2000’s, government agencies in the US and globally have focused primarily on increasing the breadth of data, and publishing more and more data on open data portals. While the open data portals are an important step in the right direction, much more needs to be done to capture the value inherent in the data.

    Similar issues exist internally within organizations. Today's business systems are collecting more and more data, but we are unable to utilize the data for making better decisions. In this session, we will discuss how techniques born from the digital revolution, such as user-centric design and data storytelling can help create the next generation of transparency portals and dashboards, to increase citizen engagement, enable informed decisions and get the most out of your data investment.

    We will use examples and present how the Department of Managed Health Care used these techniques to create a Health Plan Dashboard.


    Intended Audience:   This is a broad topic that might interest to: Agency communications and outreach staff, CIOs, Open Data enthusiasts, Business analysts, Business decision makers, UX Designers, Business intelligence, Data Visualization enthusiasts, data scientists

    11:15 AM  -  12:00 PM
    11:15am - Session 11: Integrating Data Analytics: Start to Finish and Lessons Learned  (Room 104)
    Asif Qamar, Chief Data Scientist
    Theja Birur, Data Science, Big Data and Data Warehouse Architect/HANA Certified, Fraud Analytics/Health Care Domain/Insurance/Banking


    Description:Integrating Data Science & Analytics into the Health Domain. The Session will take a look at the integration process from beginning to end: How/Where to Begin - Creating the Road Map (Identifying the Problem Areas); Prioritizing Which Issues to Work on First (Broken, Critical, Public Facing, etc.); Crafting the Solutions (Developing a Business Case); Establishing a Budget; How and When to Address Workforce/Skills Development; Existing Staff-Training vs. Mentoring, External Hires - What Skills/Roles, and When and How Many to Hire; Which Products and Tools to Buy; and, What were the Results; Successes and Failures, Lessons Learned.


    Intended Audience:  This Session is intended for everyone, and all agencies, who are preparing to integrate Data Science and Analytics into a division or department. The Session is appropriate for all staff levels; Commissioner, Director, Deputy Director, Managers, Staff, HealthIT, HIE.

    11:15 AM  -  12:00 PM
    11:15am - Session 12: Chaos to Clarity!!!! What is a Data Driven Enterprise?  (Room 205)
    David Langley,, Senior Director of Systems Engineering, Commvault, Western North America
    Tarak Parekh, Product Manager, Manageability (Prism) and API, Nutanix
    Description:  Being a “data driven enterprise” sounds great…but what does that really mean? Government is data driven, but if your islands of data have you feeling down…this session is for you. Data is fueling government decisions, improved programs, services, and reshaping the way we work. The need to transform is great. So, where can you start? Join us for a thought provoking discussion from experts who will share real-world experiences, use cases, lessons learned, and practical advice you can use in your own strategy, planning, and transformation.


    Intended Audience:   Business, IT leadership and staff. AIO, CIO, CTO, deputy directors, division chiefs, IT managers, data managers, data architects, enterprise architects, solution architects, infrastructure managers, line of business, innovation leaders, and staff.

    11:15 AM  -  12:00 PM
    11:15am - Session 13: Data-Fueled Citizenship, New Opportunities for the Public Sector  (Room 105)

    Speakers:  Amy O'Connor, Senior Director Subject Matter Expert, Cloudera


    Description:  Citizens are inundated with data and have ever-increasing expectations of services provided by government. IoT and mobile are creating a convergence of the physical and digital worlds - making everything we do a digital experience. To best enable the data-fueled citizen, all the interactions with this converged world need to be analyzed to develop increasingly targeted offerings, delivered through mulitple channels. However, even though demand for services is increasing, the sensitivity to data security keeps shifting, so the risk is as large as the opportunity. This session will demonstrate that the technology is here, with use cases that illustrate how large and small government agencies are delivering new services to meet their citizen's demands and generating more efficiencies through secure data collection and analytics and that the process is a journey with small and iterative steps to ensure citizen privacy demands are met.


    Intended Audience:  Data driven business and technical leaders needing to understand how to introduce Big Data solutions into their organizations and adopt enterprise-wide Big Data delivery capabilities in order to best serve their citizens.

    11:15 AM  -  12:00 PM
    11:15am - Session 14: Free the Data- Techniques and Best Practices on accessing and sharing data  (Room 203)
    Paul Temple, CEO and President, Advanced Onion, Inc.
    Brad Morris, Chief Data Scientist, Advanced Onion, Inc.


    Description:  Agencies are always on the look-out to find ways to improve operations... be faster... more nimble. One of the most effective methods lies within leveraging Business Intelligence (BI) to gain true actionable insights that lead to greater operational efficiencies. The key, and challenge, is tapping into 'siloed' data sources and centralizing the information into a unified BI system. The hitch to all this-- gaining access to those disparate data sources and having departments share their data pools.

    In this session, you'll hear first-hand how this challenge has been met and overcome with the largest Public Sector client-- the US Federal Government. Learn innovative techniques that will allow you to work within your agency and with interagency partners to share data that will ultimately lead to making clearer strategic decisions. If this data challenge can be overcome in the U.S. Federal Government, it can be accomplished anywhere.


    Intended Audience:   All Leveraging Data Conference attendees-- everyone can learn from the content being presented and will leave better equiped to address these data sharing challenges.

    12:30 PM  -  2:00 PM
    12:30pm - Lunch Presentation - Social Media Providing Public Sectors Solutions  (Hall "D")
    Panel Moderator: Commander Jay Song, Chief Technology Officer, California Highway Patrol
    Panel Members:
    David Bychkov, PhD, Adjunct Professor, The New School
    Sean Young, PhD, MS, Executive Director, UC Institute for Prediction Technology
    Adam Fried, Waze Global Partnerships Manager, Google

    Description:  One in four people worldwide (over a billion people) are using social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to create, share, and discuss content. Social media users are continuously generating large volumes of public data containing information on their activities, plans and intentions, moods and opinions, and social interactions. UC Institute for Prediction Technology (UCIPT) develops tools for analyzing this data to inform a wide range of important solutions for both the public and private sectors.

    Social media have been shown to be helpful for monitoring disease outbreaks. Some types of social media technologies provide crowdsourced data by many users in a publicly available manner. The University of California Institute for Prediction Technology conducted a pilot study in collaboration with the California Highway Patrol and Google to determine if crowdsourced data from Waze* could help with reporting motor vehicle accidents. This panel will discuss the methods and results of the case study, along with ideas on how public and private partnerships can be formed that use social data for public health. This panel will provide perspectives from academia, industry and government participants.


    * Waze is the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app.


    2:00 PM  -  2:45 PM
    2pm - Session 15: Ensuring Compliance to Data Privacy Directives using Virtual Databases  (Room 103)

    Speaker: Steve Karam, Director of Customer Education and Experience at Delphix


    Description:  For compliance reasons, certain data may need to be partially obfuscated, completely eliminated or even replaced with real but fictitious data, before it can be shared with the recipient. This poses a great burden on IT organizations, many of which lack the training, tools or infrastructure to keep up with the pace of changes needed to ensure data privacy. This causes delays in distributing high quality data which contains information that could, conceivably, save lives.

    Delphix discusses how you can leverage its patented virtual database technology, with integrated data masking, to comply with data privacy directives while meeting the demands of expediency to make information available within, or across, organizational boundaries.

    In this session, you will learn how to take a three-step process to:
    ● Ensure compliance to disparate data privacy directives
    ● Develop catalogs of custom data sets for targeted distribution.
    ● Scale an auditable process while reducing operational burden


    Intended Audience:  This session will be helpful for CISO, CIO, Leaders in Engineering, QA & Compliance, Architects, Data Scientists, DBAs and DevOps in environments that contain sensitive information and struggle to maintain high quality data consistently for internal & external consumption.

    2:00 PM  -  2:45 PM
    2pm - Session 16: From Bots to Drones - A Showcase of Advanced Analytics Solutions  (Room 203)

    Speakers:  Michael Cruz, Principal Solution Specialist, Microsoft


    Description:  From Bots to Drones - Our citizens and constituents are expecting to interact with their government organizations in all ways that they interact with people and businesses in today's world. From social networks like Twitter and Facebook to messaging platforms like texts/SMS and Slack. Attend this session to learn about engaging and interactive citizen experiences that are made possible when Data Science and Analytics are in place in a government organization. This session is intended to showcase innovative solutions and explore the possibilities with data science and analytics.


    Intended Audience:   All (technical, executive, etc)

    2:00 PM  -  2:45 PM
    2pm - Session 17: Introduction to Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics  (Room 104)
    John Gray, Chief Technology Officer, Infiniti Consulting Group
    Scott Drossos, President, Infiniti Consulting Group
    Harsha Gopianandan, CEO, Seyvu


    Description:  Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics (ML&PA) and Data Scientists are all increasingly popular terms. But why are they important and how can they help improve your government businesses? In this session we will walk you through best practices for implementing ML&PA, how to identify good project candidates for ML&PA and challenges to anticipate. We will provide an example of a real CA Gov't ML&PA project, various project elements, anonymyzed findings, the method, duration and tools used for this project; as well as discuss the impact of scope and scale on competencies, duration, cost and toolsets. This panel will include an industry leading data scientist with years of successful ML&PA experience. We will address the approach to leveraging data located on premise, in the cloud or both environments.


    Intended Audience:   Anyone who wants to learn about how Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics might get implemented in their departments; and anyone who wants to hear directly from a leading data scientist on best practices and how to get started..

    2:00 PM  -  2:45 PM
    2pm - Session 18: Cognitive Transformation for Public Sector, Next steps with IBM Watson  (Room 205)

    Speaker:  Marquis Cabrera, Global Leader of Digital Government Transformation, IBM


    Description:  Cognitive computing can help public sector agencies turn the data overload from a challenge into an asset. Join us to understand how Cognitive solutions can accelerate the discovery and decision-making process for your public agency. Learn about delivering personalized services with the ease and responsiveness demanded today by citizens desiring better outcomes - supporting individual, community, employer and economic health, at a lower cost. Hear success stories of how public sector agencies leverage cognitive analytics enabling citizens to navigate and locate information on public websites. Cognitive insights allow agencies to extend call-center platforms, enabling citizens to search, filter, analyze and act on both inbound and outbound call center calls; enable Speech to Text services for translating voice calls into transcripts for urgent/emergent notifications; and visual recognition for facial or terrain and recognition analysis.


    Intended Audience:   Executives, Managers, Supervisors, Architects, technical and delivery support staff involved in strategic planning and delivery of citizen services.

    2:00 PM  -  2:45 PM
    2pm - Session 19: Chopped - DATA CHALLENGE!  (Room 202)
    Russ Nichols, Director, Enterprise Information Services, CDCR
    Barbara Halsey, Operations Director, Delegata
    Adam Dondro, Assistant Director for Horizontal Integration, DSS


    Description:  Watch as two chefs battle to be the Chopped DATA Champions, with expert data judges from CDCR and DSS. Learn the why and how of leveraging data to become a Data Driven Enterprise. We will address how to foster incremental successes in business and IT personnel, which save time and money, increase efficiency, and help you cook up smarter decisions within your organization. Takeaways will include the three recipes for success as you incorporate data initiatives into core business competencies. Do not be paralyzed by fears of overwhelming or imperfect data; learn to move forward effectively, by baking up true tangible value—and have fun doing it!


    Intended Audience:   This session is intended for personnel from both IT and business—managers and team members, alike. Anyone who owns, uses—or needs to use—data in their field. The intention is to give real world experience, best practices, and solid takeaways to use in your organization.

    2:00 PM  -  2:45 PM
    2pm - Session 20: Embracing Changing Culture and Technology in Data Driven Organizations  (Room 204)
    Charanjit Gill, Data Management and Analytics Manager, Covered California
    Moderator: Sean Mahon , Chief of Solution Planning & Delivery, Trinity Technology Group, Inc.
    Panel Members:
    Christopher Worley, COO / BI Practice Director, Trinity Technology Group, Inc.
    Robert Dolan, Jr., Market Segment Director, Public Sector, Tableau Software


    Description:  Join Charanjit Gill from Covered California, Robert Dolan, Jr. from Tableau, and Chris Worley from Trinity Technology Group in this two-part panel discussion on the latest trends to keep data-driven departments modern and continually evolving. For the first part, we will discuss organizational changes such as the creation of new classification like a Chief Data Officer as well as new responsibilities for current staff such as data stewards. In part two of this discussion, we will discuss modern tools to enable better decision making. In most information technology projects, the public sector cannot be on the “leading/bleeding edge.” However, this is not the case for business intelligence. It is to the public sector’s benefit to try and get the most out of their data. We will discuss Big Data, the death of the data warehouse, and moving processing from the CPU to the GPU.


    Intended Audience:   Business and Technology leaders who are charged with keeping their organization constantly moving forward to discovered, organize, and share more and more data.

    2:00 PM  -  2:45 PM
    2pm - Session 21: Digital Workspaces Securely Enable Access to Apps and Data, Anywhere!  (Room 105)
    Dane Young , Virtualization Practice Manager , Entisys360



    Today’s workers are becoming increasingly mobile and want access to their desktops, applications and data from any device, on any network, located anywhere in the world. This is driving IT organizations to restructure their operations in order to meet the needs of workers who are becoming increasingly mobile. As this workforce trend continues, consistently delivering services becomes more challenging as the explosion of data is increasingly more distributed. Securing the data can be incredibly costly, and Digital Transformation trends like big data analytics are increasingly challenging for highly distributed datasets. Many organizations have found the solution is to centralize and secure their data, enabling access through a highly protected, productivity empowering Digital Workspace that is available from anywhere, any time, from any device. Attend this session to learn more about how others are addressing these challenges in the industry! 

    Intended Audience:   Department Business Unit Leadership; IT Architects, Engineers, Operations and Management Staff.

    3:00 PM  -  4:00 PM
    3pm - General Session - How Organizations are Leveraging Data to Improve Service Delivery

    Opportunities exist to improve service delivery, collaborate between Government and the citizens it serves, secure sensitive information while still making it available to the programs that need it, detect fraud and abuse, and improve the way that Government makes decisions. To grasp those opportunities, however, the owners of this information must learn how to work with the tremendous resources they have as well as the new tools that are available, leveraging lessons learned from peers and subject matter experts. The panel will discuss how their organizations have used data to improve their service delivery and the challenges faced along the way.

    Panel Moderator: Karen Johnson, C.P. A., Chief Deputy Executive Director, Covered California


    Panel Members from the following organizations:
    • Dr. Linette Scott, Chief Medical Information Officer, CA Department of Health Care Services
    • David Harris, Manager Data Services, CA Natural Resource Agency
    • John Froehlich, Managing Director, Accenture
    • Michael Johnson P.E., State Asset Management Engineer, CA Department of Transportation

    4:00 PM  -  4:30 PM
    4pm - LD2017 Awards Ceremony & Closing Remarks  (Hall "D")

    Join us for the 2017 Leveraging Data Awards Ceremony

    Closing Remarks will follow the Awards presentation.

    Immediately following this ceremony, we will enjoy the Awards Reception in the Solution Center.

    4:30 PM  -  5:30 PM
    4:30pm - Awards Reception  (Hall "E")
    Join us for an awards reception following the Closing Remarks.