License Renewal credit for 2020 OC Conference for Social Studies (August 5, 6, & 7, 2020)


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2020 OC Conference for Social Studies
August 5, 6 & 7, 2020
9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. each day

Instructor/Contact Information: Stefanie Wager, IA Dept. of Education

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This is a three-day virtual conference for all K–12 social studies teachers. Educators will have access to over 40 short videos, or “Track Talks”, created by experienced educators from across the country on a variety of topics. Teachers will engage with other conference participants in moderated discussions covering topics across the social studies discipline. The topics (“tracks”) we chose for the conference have been designed to address many of the challenges facing education right now, and align with many state standards and grade levels. The tracks are:

  • Designing arguments with evidence

  • The power of narrative

  • Assessing historical thinking

  • Knowledge building in literacy

  • Why does history really matter?

  • Engaging conversations, online and off

  • Designing inquiry

  • Young citizens

Each day will include live discussions and a special daily keynote. We’ll be announcing our keynote speakers in the weeks to come, so stay tuned! And because the conference is online, videos will be viewable after the conference’s end so you can rewatch your favorites and check out others you may not have had the chance to see during the conference.

Elementary Strand

  • The OC for Social Studies sessions are designed for both elementary and secondary educators.

Secondary Strand

  • The OC for Social Studies sessions are designed for both elementary and secondary educators.

Required Text

  • None


Outcomes and Objectives:

Participants will…

  • Hear from authors, historians, educators, and expert moderators. 

  • Watch Track Talks (TED-style, 10-minute videos) created by expert educators from diverse backgrounds, grade-levels, and specializations.

Collaborate with fellow educators in moderated live discussions aligned to the eight conference tracks.


Instructor Methods and Course Design:

This is a 1 credit hour Iowa License Renewal course. Course objectives will be met by watching the Track Talks prior to attending the OC for Social Studies Conference August 5 - 7, 2020, then attending each of the virtual  Discussion Sessions. Participants are expected to attend the three-day conference and respond to the following questions for each session:

1. How likely are you to integrate an idea or strategy you learned in this talk? (scale question) Why or why not?
2. How familiar were you to the ideas expressed in this talk prior to viewing? (scale question)
3. Did you attend the panel discussions?  (link to yes question if applicable)
4. How helpful were these discussions in extending your awareness of the overarching track/theme?
5.  How likely are you to share these talks with colleagues in your building?

Reflections should be emailed to Stefanie Wager at

Once grades are submitted to us from the instructor, an official ISEA Transcript may be accessed by going to and requesting one to be sent to you via email.


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