Live Core V - Beginning of Physiologic Rehabilitation Case

This program will open your paradigms to your power as a dentist. You will handle more complex cases (bruxers, restoring vertical dimension, restoring severely dark teeth without subgingival margins, creating biologic pontics that appear to be growing out of tissue, etc.) treating function as well as aesthetics. You will learn subtle porcelain contouring and chairside customization, both before and after final placement that will take a case from good to outstanding.

You will further understand functional occlusion concepts that will allow you to rehabilitate full mouths instead of just eight to ten teeth. Your experience will include how to maintain an accurate bite even when working on full arches (allowing the laboratory to create cases that seat with minimal adjustment). Perhaps the most important aspect of the program is understanding not just why cases succeeded, but why they fail and how to eliminate that failure before it happens. You will also realize why so many people need this type of treatment.


This six-day course features live-patient treatment. You are required to bring a patient of record from your practice. Recommended cases include full-arch reconstruction cases with vertical dimension increases. Orthodic construction will be necessary as part of the treatment. Complex veneer and anterior crown cases, including gap closures, discolorations, instant orthodontics, anterior bridge(s), tooth lengthening or a combination of any of these are acceptable.

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