Live Core VI - Finalization of Physiologic Rehabilitation Case

This course is so much more than learning how to predictably prepare 28-32 units at the same time in less than five hours. Attendees will be able to accurately diagnose complex occlusal and restorative sign and symptoms, correctly determine a patient's vertical dimension, and ensure patient comfort with your results. You will learn the nuances of post cementation treatment and the importance of micro-occlusal adjustments You will learn to accurate equilibrate your case for maximum function and prove it. It is about understanding and mastering the epitome of care and treatment that a restorative dentist can provide their patients.

Full Mouth Reconstruction is the culmination and Implementation of your occlusal training combined with the application of your restorative training. In this course, you will:

• Prepare the ENTIRE mouth in one sitting, impress and temporize in the new position that you have scientifically determined to be the best for your patient.

• Seat restorations in an ENTIRE mouth in only one appointment with predictability and ease using the tried and proven techniques taught at LVI.

• Use scientific coronoplasty techniques to finish the case to maximum efficiency and function. Then you will see it proven using scientific instrumentation.

• Gain knowledge and acquire techniques that make this complex procedure easy to implement in your practice.


 • Transferring the fixed orthotic bite

• Determining joint health

• Full mouth case presentation

• Mastering mandibular positioning

• Splint therapy (design and protocol)

• Working up case - diagnosis and treatment planning

• Different occlusal schemes (ie. Crossbite, class II, class III, etc.)

• Full mouth preparation technique

• Utilizing the K7 to optimize your diagnosis and treatment

• Enhanced lab communication

 • Rapid full mouth cementation process

 • Rapid full mouth cementation process

 • Post cementation adjustments

• Aesthetic recontouring

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