Live Your Best Life Tour 2019


A plan needs action, and action doesn’t work without a plan. But when you put the two together? Game changer! At the Live Your Best Life Tour, find out how to PLAN for your best life and take the ACTION to make it happen—NOW!

Tour attendees will walk away with a plan for their business to start 2020 with a bang! After all, when this marketing training begins, 2020 will only be 60 days away, and we want you to be ready—with the tools, the resources, and the training you need to live your best life next year!

At the Live Your Best Life Tour, you’ll identify your income goals, plan for the future, and learn to execute a no-holds-barred plan customized to your level in the business.

Get ready to live your best life—now!

Please note: this is a Consultant-only training.

Registration Fee: $9.99 USD 

Meals will not be provided.

Spanish Translation will not be provided. 

Please read below for important information regarding Live Your Best Life Tour - 

To receive your 2020 business plan and recognition at the event, you must be registered no later than two weeks prior to the training location start date. Recognition at the event will be based off of your current Consultant title at the time of your registration.


*Please refer to the recognition cut off date for your city.*

Please note - if you are a Director and above a personalized business plan will be provided to you for this training. If you miss the registration deadline for your market, we cannot guarantee that your personalized business plan will be made available to you.



What to Wear

Professionista Attire and a sweater if desired. Room temperature can be cold.

What to Bring

Writing utensil, calendar and a notebook.


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