LVI Smile Design

It has always been the goal of LVI to deliver the highest level of dentistry - and it starts with the technician. Today’s technological advancements require a higher level of awareness in regards to the products and skills required to elevate technicians to new heights.

At the successful completion of this course you will be prepared to attend the level 2 Advanced Anterior Ceramics curriculum with live-patient case try-ins.

Topics Mastered

  • Architecture of the LVI Smile Design through proper case planning
  • Establishing correct form, contour and function with the pre-operative wax-up model
  • Accurate transfer of the pre-operative wax-up or temporary model to the die model
  • Cut back and staining techniques to deliver natural looking crowns and veneers
  • Proper use of materials to ensure longevity to pressable ceramic techniques (includes porcelain ingot, grinding instruments, temperatures, etc.)

  • Where

  • LVI Global
    9501 Hillwood Drive
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89134
    888-584-3237 or 702-341-7978