M&A/Finance Festival

Because it's Still All About Deal Flow!

Registration is closed and we've got a great line-up.

for reference:
The Festival Capital Connection M&A Packages
The Investment Banker DealSource Package
The Investor/Lender Meetings Package
The General Attendee Capital Connection Package

          (for those not in DealSource Packages)

The Festival shakes things up a bit but we've kept the good stuff 

  • DealSource One-on-One Meetings
    • Monday Afternoon's IB session @ Millennium Park, plus bullpen access to Tuesday's exclusive meeting area
  • Investor / Lender One-on-One Meetings
    • Tuesday morning's Investor/Lender session @ The Swissotel Chicago, plus bullpen access to Monday's exclusive meeting area
  • Capital Connection Cocktails builds on the highly popular Monday night by expanding the wine table hosting and opening it up to all professsionals.
  • Breakfast @ The Swissotel Chicago on Tuesday morning exclusively for those scheduling One-on-One Meetings.
  • The Festival Lunch is the closing lunch for the DealSource pros. It will feature an exciting keynote (to be announced) and more networking with all Festival attendees


  • Substantial Discounts to the Breakout Conferences
  • A Discount to attend the NextGen Leaders lunch (for those under 40) @ The Park Grille (below "the bean" in Millennium Park), and
  • For all women professionals, an invite to the Monday Afternoon Women's Hour (free - 4-5pm) also in Millennium Park

IMG_7185cropped_300pxMake Sure You Firm is Featured Because, for all Deal Makers, It's Still All About Deal Flow.

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