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MaHIMA Virtual Fall Meeting -Generously sponsored by Aquity Solutions

Generously Sponsored by:  AQuity-Solutions_logo_color


  • September 23, 2020


    7:55 AM  -  8:00 AM
    General housekeeping for the virtual session. Please send all questions via the chat feature for each speaker. There will be a five (5) minute break between live sessions.

    General Session

    8:00 AM  -  8:45 AM
    Morning Opening Session -Telemedicine & Telehealth
    Title: Telemedicine & Telehealth Summary: • Overview of telemedicine/telehealth • Its significant impact on the way patients interact with providers and receive care • How healthcare resources can provide high-quality care to the highest number of people possible • How telehealth technologies remove geographical barriers to healthcare • How telehealth technologies increase efficiency of the overall healthcare system by maximizing productivity of each provider
    8:50 AM  -  9:40 AM
    Morning General Session -Healthcare Digital Transformation: What can we learn from other industries?
    Title: Healthcare Digital Transformation: What can we learn from other industries? Financial services, retail and even agriculture have been transformed by digital technologies. The move to value-based care, the Covid pandemic, and novel technologies such as artificial intelligence, will result in healthcare undergoing its own digital transformation. As we embark on this transformation journey, what can healthcare learn from other industries? Some transformation efforts have succeeded and other have failed. Why? One consequence of healthcare’s digital transformation will be the evolution of the electronic health record from an emphasis on a person’s medical record to an emphasis on a person’s plan for health and from a focus on supporting clinical transactions to a focus on delivering information to the provider and the patient. This presentation will discuss the digital transformation of healthcare and the resulting next generation of electronic health records.
    9:45 AM  -  10:15 AM
    Aquity Product Presentation
    10:20 AM  -  11:10 AM
    General Session -Achieving Population Health through Value-Guided Care in a COVID-19 Environment
    Summary: “Population Health” has remained an enigmatic term often used to create intrigue but lacking the substance necessary to command true meaning. In this session we will contrast two popular interpretations of the term and establish an operating definition that incorporates the many considerations necessary to reduce the cost of care in the United States while increasing access to the appropriate care at the best time. We will likewise explore Value in the context of health care and what it means to operate from a patient-centric, outcomes-driven orientation. From an established definition of both Population Health and Value we will discuss the impact Population Health Management (PHM) programs have on the future state of health care and what organizations are doing today to promote quality, reduce preventable care, and manage the overall cost of care through better technology, analytics, and service orientation. The success of these programs is directly correlated to the effective transition from fee-for-service (by volume) payment models to fee-for-value, i.e. cost and quality accountable, models. To transition to Value-based Care and navigate the challenges of concurrently supporting two payment models, health care systems must have meaningful and actionable analytics along with population health management tools to highlight descriptive data (what was) and predictive data (a range of what is expected) to help optimize future information capture and clinical practices. Health care systems need to evolve to take advantage of the rapidly accelerating use of better data and develop improved health care quality practices at a greater value for their patients.
    11:15 AM  -  12:00 PM
    Closing General Session: MaHWY Update
    Summary: Improving interoperability is on everyone’s agenda. This session will provide an update on what the MassHIway is doing to help, including supporting COVID reporting, promoting the use of eMOLST forms and advancing technology for easier health information exchange. Guest speakers from EOHHS will share their strategic plan as well as review regulatory timeline. An overview of what HIM professionals can do to influence and promote interoperability will be discussed. This one hour session will be presented by Deborah Adair, MPH, MS, RHIA, and joined by David Whitman and Karbert Ng from Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services.