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Certificate Program Overview:

Dates: May 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 2020

Facilitators:   Anne Bulstrode, BBM., FICB., Faye Marcotte, Susan Geary, Ph.D., Adam Lodzinksi, Ph.D., Marion Langford, M.Ed.  

This course is suitable for: Managers, those that would like to become managers and professionals that have a leadership role such as counsellors, psychotherapists, etc. 

In this 5-module certificate program, you must complete all 5 modules within a year to obtain the certificate. Please note:  The individual modules can be taken separately but you will not receive the certificate. 

Description: This certificate program offers you the opportunity to fully explore the many exciting ideas and practices that make up the vast world of  management.  It will specifically target the key areas of importance for success in this field from the management of employee performance, to the effective use of time and tasks, to the mindful care of team members.  The facilitators participating in this certificate have over 30 years of experience in management training and have much to offer past personal experience.

Individual Module Overview:

Module 1: The Leadership Edge: How to Empower and Engage Employees for Maximum Performance


Date: May 25, 2020 | Presenter: Susan Geary, Ph.D., Anne Bulstrode, BBM., FICB

Description: Every level of management, from the first-line supervisor to the executive director needs to be able to lead as well as manage. Leadership involves inspiring or influencing others. They do this effectively by leading from a values base and clarifying a shared vision. They inspire and engage employees to follow them. Leaders are change agents who know how to guide their employees through the change process. They develop the full potential of each individual. They build high functioning teams that achieve goals. This workshop is presented in a very interactive way, using case studies, discussions, etc., to bring material to life and make the experience meaningful.

You will learn to:

  • Understand your strengths as a leader.
  • Lead from a shared purpose and values.
  • Delegate effectively so that tasks are accomplished.
  • Motivate individuals to do their best.
  • Build high functioning teams. 

Module 2: Foundations of Coaching


Date: May 26, 2020Presenter: Marion Langford, M.Ed.

Description: This workshop is designed for those interested in building communication and leadership skills. As managers and employees, coaching can be used as a powerful skill that can help to build confidence, navigate difficult conversations, clarify goals, and help align teams and individuals to organizational objectives. Throughout the day we will practice various coaching tools and techniques, as well as use role-plays, to help integrate the learning.

You will learn to:
• Describe the core competencies of coaching
• Apply a framework to help structure conversations
• Implement tools and strategies to drive conversations forward
• Use powerful questions to facilitate team and individual awareness

Module 3: Managing Employee Performance in Health and Human Service


Date: May 27, 2020 | Presenter: Adam Lodzinski, Ph.D.

Description: Most organizations have a formal performance appraisal process in place to review an employee's performance over the previous fiscal year. However, employee performance is also a day-to-day event that needs to be praised or "course-corrected" regularly during the year to ensure employees are delivering what is expected and to avoid surprises at the year-end appraisal. The aspect of performance management is not often addressed.

This workshop is designed to provide supervisors and managers with a framework for on-going, regular employee performance management, as well as tools and language to support them in this process. It will consist of lecture and demonstrations, but will focus on practice to successfully manage employee performance.

You will learn to:
• Use a framework to provide some structure and predictability to employee performance management
• Set expectations with employees and explain why they are important
• Conduct regular one-on-ones with employees and describe why they are important
• Determine when you should provide coaching, positive feedback and constructive feedback
• Use basic coaching techniques, provide positive and constructive feedback and the language to use to help you through it

Module 4: Holding Difficult Conversations


Date: May 28, 2020 | Presenter: Marion Langford, M.Ed.

Description: We avoid having difficult conversations because we fear the consequences, despite the mounting evidence that something needs to be said. This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to improve his or her skills in conducting difficult conversations at work (although the skills will work elsewhere too). Using a combination of self-awareness and conversational tools, participants will have the opportunity to apply and practice the tools in a safe, confidential learning environment.

They will leave the workshop with a communications toolkit that will increase their confidence and preparation for future difficult conversations.

You will learn to:
• Discover own strengths and style of communicating when stakes are high
• Prepare for the conversation by developing clarity about what they want and what their assumptions are
• Engage others in the conversation by creating an experience of safety, mutual respect, and purpose
• Use listening and inquiry skills to build shared meaning during the conversation
• Handle blow-ups with authenticity and credibility

Module 5: Change Management


Date: May 29, 2020 | Presenters: Susan Geary, Ph.D. and  Faye Marcotte

Description: This change management workshop is designed for directors, managers, supervisors and team leaders who are responsible for leading and implementing large or small scale change within their organization. We will explore the best practices in facilitating change as well as how to help employees handle change constructively. Some employees embrace change while others react with denial or resistance. Participants will learn practical tools and techniques that will enhance their ability to manage these reactions to change and implement change effectively.

You will learn to:
• Apply best practices in implementing change
• Develop and implement an effective communication plan and strategy
• Communicate change effectively and obtain buy-in
• Increase the readiness of individuals to embrace change
• Understand why individuals may react negatively to change and how to respond appropriately to move them forward


*Photography is being used for illustrative purposes only and any person depicted in the content is a model, except where indicated.

  • When

  • Monday, May 25, 2020 - Friday, May 29, 2020
    9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    Eastern Time

  • Where

  • SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health Learning Institute
    114 Maitland Street
    Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1E1

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