Manufacturing Excellence Conference

UK based business continue to operation in a fiercely competitive environment and are not helped by high material, energy and labour costs or by fluctuating currency rates.

At the same time they face extreme pressure to improve overall business performance which leads manufacturers into a series of programmes focused on areas such as improving resource efficiency, manufacturing improvement, operating costs reductions, improved reliability, yield improvement, maintenance effectiveness and asset life extensions, but:

- how effective are these programmes in delivering the overall business benefits?
- how can an organization become more competitive and not only survive, but flourish?
- how can they continually find ways to add value, improve performance and drive increased profitability?
- how can process improvement deliver carbon reduction, environmental benefits and improved use of resources?

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This conference will:
- Explore the key attributes of manufacturing excellence and promote sharing of the lessons learned by those that have started on the continuous improvement path
- Bring together speakers from organisations that have taken a different approach to achieve a similar aim i.e.

“ to deliver sustained improvement and increased profitability.”

You will learn from experienced practitioners about:

- Improving resource efficiency
- How to engage all of your workforce
- Successful road maps and processes
- Requirements of leadership
- What to do and what to avoid
- Expanding production capacity

Industrial leaders will present case studies showing how their businesses have achieved remarkable success through the application of targeted improvement programmes and share the insights they have learned on their journey towards improved performance. Many of the presenters were winners or short listed at the prestigious Chemical Industry Awards in 2015 and 2016. A speaker from the CIA and other industry guest speakers will also present their views on the sectors challenges.

Within the UK industry there is a growing awareness that applying worldwide best practices has the potential to deliver enormous benefits. However in practice many improvement programmes fall far short of delivering the benefits they set out to achieve.

The pitfalls restricting the benefits that could be realized include:
-   approaches that are too complex or theoretical to implement
-   approaches that are not time or resource efficient
-   relying primarily on the technology and ignoring the people
-   it's just another initiative tiredness

This conference is geared towards helping you avoid these pitfalls by following practical best practice methods that have delivered massive benefits.

Complimentary conference dinner
The optional complimentary conference dinner, held on the evening before the conference, is an opportunity to meet the speakers in a more informal atmosphere.

  • When

  • Tuesday, 1 November, 2016
    9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

  • Where

  • Thorpe Park Hotel & Spa
    1150 Century Way
    Thorpe Park
    Leeds LS15 8ZB
    +44 (0) 113 264 1000