Mark Duncan In-Office Consult: Jump-Start Your Journey

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With any evolution in thinking and change in protocol, there are many barriers to overcome. While every practice is unique, the power of Neuromuscular Dentistry is applicable to every patient. A significant portion of the patients in your practice are hurting and have not had the opportunity to get the help they need. What is preventing you from helping your patients get rid of their pain? Why are some doctors and their teams able to grow the neuromuscular component to their practice and others struggle with getting it off the ground? How can you provide more to your patients than they thought possible?

Discover the systems and techniques that allow some practices to soar through the LVI Curriculum; ending pain for patients as a regular part of their service. Dr. Mark Duncan will work with you one-on-one to perfect the systems which will allow the 20-40% of the patients in your practice who are in pain to be able to start a new pain-free life, and help you spread the message of comprehensive NM Dentistry!

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