Master Rigger & ITI Qualification Exams: Woodland, WA


This event is comprised of three optional courses:

  • Master Rigger Course

  • ITI Qualified Signalperson Exams

  • ITI Qualified Rigger Exams

Participants may elect to take one or multiple courses during the registration process.


The Master Rigger Course and ITI Qualified Signalperson and Qualified Rigger Exams are conveniently scheduled back-to-back for those who wish to enroll in all.  The Master Rigger Course will help prepare candidates for the ITI Qualified Rigger Exams.


Master Rigger

The ITI Master Rigger Course is designed for participants that have had some exposure (2-10 years) to crane and rigging operations.  The course exposes participants to a variety of equipment and applications which include multiple crane lifts, load turning, load drifting with chain hoists, jacking and rolling using mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, incline planes and managing the center-of-gravity in all three areas.


Course Length: 4 Days

Course Outcome: 3.2 CEU

Program Sessions:

Rigging Gear Inspection Inclined Planes
Load Weight Estimation Spreader Bars
Sling Angles and Tension Multiple Hitch Systems
Load Control Load Turning
Center of Gravity Multiple Crane Lifts
Rigging Blocks and Winch Systems Signals and Tag Lines
Chain Fall Load Drifting Off-Level Pick Points
Levers, Jacks and Rollers Load Distribution
Load Moving Procedures

ITI Qualified Signalperson and Qualified Rigger Exams

ITI is offering Signalperson and Rigger Qualification on Day 5 following the Master Rigger Course. Written and Practical Exams
are administered. Candidates who successfully pass the exams will receive a 5-year ITI Qualification. These qualifications meet
the requirements of OSHA.

Course Length: 1 Day


  • When

  • Monday, December 5, 2016 - Friday, December 9, 2016
    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Pacific Time