Mater Research TRIP Symposium 2017

Symposium Program

8.30-8.50 am


8.50-9 am

Welcome address

Session 1

Preventative health interventions for at risk populations

9.00-9.40 am

Keynote Address

How can population based studies help guide preventive health initiatives?

Presented by Prof Gita Mishra

9.40-10 am

Sepsis in Children over the next 10 Years – how to address the World Health Organization`s resolution through research

Presented by A/Prof Luregn Schlapbach 

10.00-10.20am Beating osteoporosis with physical activity:  An exercise in research translation Presented by Prof Belinda Beck
10.20-10.40amAntipsychotics, aggressive behaviour, and adverse effects: prescribing for adults with intellectual disability
Presented by Prof David Harley 
10.40-11 am

Morning Tea

Session 2

Strategies for preventing and/or reducing the burden of established diseases and related co-morbidities

11-11.40 am

Keynote Address
Implementation science and reducing the psychosocial burden of cancer

Presented by Dr Lisa Mackenzie

11.40-12 pm

'The 'beacon' practice model - better utilizing general practice in preventing chronic disease progression'

Presented by Prof Claire Jackson

12-12.20 pm

Evaluating the implementation of a novel multidisciplinary kidney supportive care program

Presented by Prof Ann Bonner

12.20-12.40 pm

Back to LIFE - enhancing cardio-metabolic health in liver transplant recipients

Presented by Dr Ingrid Hickman



Session 3

Community based and health behaviours change interventions in Preventative Medicine

1.20-2 pmKeynote address
Healthy Living after Cancer:  Translating evidence into community-based practice 
Prof. Elizabeth Eakin

2-2.20 pm Presentation topic to be announced shortly Dr. Caroline Nicholson
2.20-2.40 pmUsing research to improve policy and health service practices as a concurrent and shared endeavour
Prof Lesley Barclay
2.40-3pm Using technology to help patients better manage their diabetes  A/Prof Anthony Russell
3-3.20 pm

Afternoon Tea

Session 4

Socioeconomic Impact of Preventive Medicine

3.20- 4 pm

Keynote Address
The costs and benefits of preventive medicine: lessons from cancer prevention

Presented by Prof David Whiteman

4-4.15 pm

iResearch & Mater 3MT presentations

4.15- 6pm

Networking and drinks