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Disaster Behavioral Health: Core Content Training

Building Maine's Capacity to Respond

Date: June 21-22, 2018 

Time: 8:30a - 3:30p each day

Location: Portland Jetport DHHS Facility, Portland, Maine

A training curriculum for behavioral health, spiritual care, and substance abuse professionals as well as disaster responders, medical reserve corps and natural community helpers.

Program Overview: The training programs will be two days in length and will be held from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm each day. Participants must attend both days. Note: To be eligible for the Maine Disaster Behavioral Health Response Team participants must attend both days.

Program Purpose: The purpose of these trainings is two fold:
1. To develop a better informed disaster response community in Maine around the issue of behavioral health and its critical role in disaster response.
2. To develop a volunteer team of disaster behavioral health responders throughout Maine who are available to provide mental health, substance abuse, and/or crisis counseling support in the event of a disaster or local emergency.

Behavioral Health Response Teams
Teams will be managed at the state level by the Program Director of Disaster Behavioral Health Services and managed locally by clinical team leaders. These teams will be deployed through the state emergency management system. Teams will be trained to respond to the emotional needs of disaster victims, responders, or community members in local, state, or nationally declared disasters or traumatic incidents requiring a behavioral health response.

Intended Audience
Mental health and substance abuse providers, psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, crisis counselors, social workers, spiritual care providers, first responders, medical reserve corps and other individuals who wish to learn more about the behavioral health response to disasters or are interested in joining the Maine Disaster Behavioral Health (DBH) Response Team. Individuals interested in joining the Maine DBH Response Team are eligible to attend at no charge.

For more information about Maine 's DBH Activities, contact:
Kathleen Wescott, Director, Disaster Behavioral Health,
Public Health Emergency Preparedness, Maine CDC
Tel: 287-3796

To register online complete and submit the registration form. For more information contact AdCare, Ballard Center, 6 East Chestnut Street, Suite 101, Augusta, ME, 04330, 207.626.3615 (voice), V/TTY: dial 711, 207.621.2550 (fax) or

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This course is sponsored by the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, An Office of the Department of Health and Human Services.

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