Mechanical Integrity - Lessons from Process Industry Incidents

According to incident data, failure of pressure equipment is the greatest contributor to major losses of containment in the process industries.


By better understanding how plant equipment can fail, all personnel in the process industries can improve equipment integrity. Whether they are involved in the design or operational phases, managers, engineers and operators need to be aware of the risks of loss of containment, poor reliability and inadequate plant performance.


What will the course cover?
This two-day course uses the findings from process industry incidents to illustrate how potential threats to asset integrity can arise throughout the asset life cycle.


The course will cover:

- Overview of design standards

- How material properties can affect selection of materials of construction

- Equipment design limitations

- Equipment failure modes

- Forms of deterioration

- Inspection options and their limitations

- The impact of modifications to equipment


The course will focus on preventing loss of containment from pressure equipment including pressure vessels, piping and storage tanks.

Who will benefit and what will they gain?
The course is aimed a participants of all backgrounds who require an understanding of the threats to the integrity of equipment. This will enable them to make better contributions to risk management processes throughout the asset life cycle, including hazard studies, management of change and operational and maintenance procedures. This course will also benefit anyone who is involved in the operation and integrity management of ageing plant.

Training method
The style of the trainers is to encourage participation in the discussions and to use case studies based on actual incidents to broaden delegates' knowledge of the topics. You will explore some of the main causes of equipment failure in the process industries and discuss ways of preventing them.


On completion you should be able to:

- Appreciate the basic design requirements for pressure equipment

- Understand the main forms of deterioration and best ways to manage them

- Understand the key elements of an integrity management system

- Identify sources of good practice guidance for mechanical integrity

- Improve management of change

- Identify the key issues associated with ageing plant


This course meets the requirements of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Tuesday, 24
th April, 2018 Time: 08:45 - 17:00

Wednesday, 25th April, 2018 Time: 09:00 - 17:00

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