Medical-Legal Partnership Symposium

Building an Academic Agenda to Enhance Practice


This one-day symposium aims to build an academic agenda to enhance the practice of Medical-Legal Partnerships (MLPs), which integrate legal services into health care settings to enable more holistic care addressing social determinants of health, increase access to justice, and “treat” legal issues early avoiding crisis.  Particular focus will be on MLP interactions with health policy, meeting the needs of marginalized communities, and measuring the impacts of legal services on health.  Additionally, the symposium presents an opportunity to grapple with the role of MLPs with the likely demise of the Affordable Care Act.

Certain papers presented at the symposium will be published in the upcoming issue of the Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics

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Friday, March 3  •  Conference and Networking Reception



Symposium  •  Yale Law School

Sterling Law Building, 127 Wall Street, New Haven CT 06511



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