Medical Rehabilitation Webinar:
Understanding and Assessing
Executive Function in Daily Life Tasks


CARF standards require that treatment strategies and interventions are focused on using the ICF framework. Executive functioning in everyday life activities becomes an important and essential area to address with the individuals we serve. Attend this webinar for the state-of-the-art work on executive functioning and how you can use these strategies in your treatment sessions.

Part I - The Role of Executive Function in Everyday Life

Webinar participants should be able to:

  • Define and describe executive function.
  • Identify key constructs associated with executive function.
  • Describe the relationship of executive function and everyday life.
  • Identify strategies to assess executive function.
  • Describe how executive dysfunction can be addressed in treatment.

Part II - The Executive Function Performance Test (EFPT)
  • Describe the rationale for the development of the EFPT.
  • Compare and contrast tradition versus performance-based assessments of executive function.
  • Describe how to provide cueing to support performance on the EFPT.
  • Describe how to score the EFPT.
  • Describe how to use performance on the EFPT in treatment planning.

CARF webinars offer:
    • Convenience - train in the comfort of your office, home, or another remote location.
    • Cost savings - train multiple employees for the price of one registration fee, with no additional travel or accommodation costs.

    Please join us for an informative and enjoyable online learning experience.

    All presentations and materials are provided in English.

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