Meeting of the Marketing Minds | August 28-29, 2017


While paid advertising plays a critical role in building your practice’s brand and patient base, there’s no substitute for establishing your reputation by creating trusted relationships in your community. Local outreach has the power to turn your contacts into loyal brand advocates, while organically creating awareness and engagement. Strong physician and community relationships not only lend to your credibility, they have the potential to generate significant, consistent patient flow into your practice. 

This course focuses on the varied elements of a successful outreach campaign: physician referrals, community engagement, and educational seminars. With discussion and hands-on practice, attendees will develop their skills in how to connect with physicians and their teams, networking, planning and hosting patient education events, public speaking, and demonstrating the value of the treatment process using e-patient®. 

After learning and practicing your elevator pitch, event planning, and PowerPoint development, you’ll be able to plan and host your next patient education seminar or explain your value to local physicians with confidence. You’ll walk away with the knowledge and skills to implement a local outreach program that will strengthen your practice’s brand and increase patient flow.

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